Niviea, the Atlanta-based R&B singer and mother of Lil Wayne’s child, Neal, was arrested for a DUI last weekend after crashing into a tree while she had another one of her children in the car.

According to TMZ, the Southern songstress was celebrating the wedding of Toya Carter’s (the mother of Wayne’s first child), while hanging out with Lauren London, another barer of Weezy’s offspring.

Officials stated that Nivea had “bloodshot, glassy eyes and smelled like alcohol,” when they arrived on scene at approximately 1:30 a.m. Sunday (June 19). The singer drove her 2006 Mercedes Benz into a tree that had fallen into the road from a storm and was marked with bright orange cones and yellow crime scene tape.

After admitting to have three drinks earlier that evening, the mother to one of the Carter heirs claims she was not drunk and did not see the tree or the crime tape. Sources say that child was not injured in the crash and was released to Nivea’s boyfriend after her arrest. —Amber McKynzie