In the latest pseudo rap beef, Lil B has responded to a slight by Chi-town rapper Rhymefest.

Rhymefest originally tweeted that after speaking to rapper Xzibit and listening to Lil B’s music, he felt that “Homeboy [Lil B] needed a dad in his life.”

During an interview with CNN Radio, The Based God retorted that Rhymefest needs to step up his promotional game.

I'm going to say, who is Rhymefest?” the 2011 XXL Freshman told CNN Radio. “So he needs to work on promoting and marketing himself, because I don't know him.”

The “I’m Miley Cyrus” emcee also expressed conflicting emotions about Rhymefest’s comment.

“But what I feel about his comment is that it's true, I needed a father figure in my life, but I'm not complaining about that,” Lil B continued. “What do you mean, I need that? Tell Rhymefest I'm very happy. Tell Rhymefest I actually wake up and I'm happy, and I'm positive and I love people. Ask Rhymefest, does he feel the same way?”

Lil B’s controversial forthcoming album, I’m Gay, is due out later this year. —Lauren Carter