Lauryn Hill Pens Open Letter About Pregnancy, Rohan Marley Denies Paternity

Lauryn Hill has gone from obscurity to headline news.

After much speculation, the “Lost Ones” rapper/singer recently announced in a Detroit concert that she is indeed pregnant with her sixth child. Now, Ms. Hill has released an open-letter to her fans via Twitter in which she re-confirms the pregnancy and talks about being tardy to past shows. Read her words below:

What Hill doesn’t touch on is Rohan Marley, the father of her other five kids, taking to his Twitter earlier this week to deny paternity of baby No. 6. Check out Rohan’s Twitter exchange with an inquirer below.

—XXL Staff

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  • Sha

    Time for a dose of realness……

    Me, or any other person, shouldn’t even be concerned with what Lauryn and Rohan Marley are up to. That subject is usually between a man and a woman.

    But seeing as how they both seem to like putting their dirty laundry on front street, let the comments begin!

    It’s my personal opinion that Lauryn had and still has mental issues. Many of us like to use the phrase “That bitch Crazy” at any of the women we come across. But some of us men are LITERALLY responsible for driving those women nuts. In some cases it’s true. Some women are as crazy as bat-shit for no reason. But then there are the Lauryn Hills.

    Now granted, I don’t know the complete ins and outs of her sanity and what has transpired in her life. But one thing I do know…. The men she held relationships with made her pain a lot worse (what up Wyclef). The fact that Rohan Marley chose to impregnate her 5 different times and say nothing, and then turn around and publicly dismiss her for the 6th is suspicious. Who knows? Maybe that kid really isn’t his. But he damn sure bears some of the blame for her physical make-up as she stands today. I don’t even recognize this Lauryn Hill. And to try to publicly distance yourself from the mother of your 5 children because she has a certain image (if you don’t think this is the case, you’re blind) is cruddy.

    I’m not saying Lauryn is innocent. But damn, men! Let’s try to be wiser and more political about our baby’s moms. Cause like it or not, each woman that created a child with the man out of good faith and it didn’t work out, doesn’t deserve to be stepped on in public. And the exact same can be said about the exes of Baby-Daddies. Yall women who rep, thanks for using intelligence. For the others, stop being vindictive ass women.