Murderers of G-Unit Associate Charged, James Rosemond Connected?

Two men have been charged with the 2009 murder of G-Unit associate Lowell Fletcher a.k.a. Lodi Mack.

As previously reported, Fletcher was murdered in the Bronx on Sunday, September 27, 2009 after allegedly being ambushed by several men.

Investigators believe the murder was in retaliation for Fletcher’s 2007 assault on then-14-year-old son of James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond – manager of rapper and G-Unit castoff Game – during which Fletcher flashed a gun at the boy.

Fletcher pled guilty and was sentenced to nine months in jail to run concurrently with an already existing two-and-a-half-year sentence for drug possession. Just two weeks after his parole, he was murdered. Federal agents reportedly believe Rosemond financed the hit, yet he was never charged.

In a statement to MTV News, Rosemond’s lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman said “The only ‘evidence’ tying that murder to Jimmy Rosemond is the uncorroborated word of a criminal seeking to get out from under a lengthy jail sentence. Prosecution witnesses have been bribed and threatened, solely in an effort to convict Jimmy, a target of the US Attorney’s office for years.”

Now, according to The Smoking Gun, two affiliates of Rosemond have been charged with Fletcher’s murder.

Based on a federal indictment, The Smoking Gun reports that “Rodney Johnson, 37, was charged with plotting with unnamed co-conspirators to orchestrate the homicide. He is alleged to have agreed to pay Brian McCleod and ‘others known and unknown’ to kill Fletcher. The 40-year-old McCleod agreed to commit the killing ‘in exchange for narcotics.’”

The indictment states that “Johnson and McCleod caused the death of Lowell Fletcher” but lacks further details about who shot Fletcher or which parties were present during the crime.

Johnson, McCleod and two other men have also been charged with operating a drug ring that planned to ship cocaine from Los Angeles to New York using delivery companies such as Federal Express, with Rosemond suspected as the head of the group’s East Coast drug operations. Since being fingered in that crime last May, Rosemond has been on the run from the law.

This is the latest news this week involving Rosemond. On Wednesday (June 15) a man came forward and claimed that the Czar Entertainment CEO paid him $2,500 to rob Tupac Shakur at New York City’s Quad Studios in 1994. As hip-hop fans remember, ‘Pac was shot at the studio during that incident, which lead to an ongoing fatal feud with The Notorious B.I.G. The NYPD is investigating the validity of the statements made by Dexter Issac, a convict currently serving life in federal prison for murder and robbery charges.

Stay tuned to as this story develops. —Lauren Carter

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  • zayzkidd


  • jonny bizness

    This and the Pac shooting sounds fishy from where i’m standing.

  • j ceasar

    niggaz snitchin lef and right smh however, this fletcher nigga broke all codes flashing steel on a shorty, u don’t fuck with a man moms, his girl or his seeds its tragic he had to go but maybe this will help niggaz understand there are still niggaz in this world that aint on no hollywood nonsense and will push your shit back for playing games

  • smooth

    Jimmy Henchmen been wacking niggaz for years. He never had the juice to fuck with 50 or Jay Z. And it looks like its all about to catch up to him. This was Game’s man for a while too.

    • Torontofamz

      Jimmy can eat anyone’s food he wants. These young cats are jokes to a real G like him. He is not guilty Watch and see…
      To know him is to love him as I do.. and always will…! ox Stay blessed Babe I’m praying for you! B…… Ms Linx

  • tellmane

    lock all those criminals up and get them out of society

  • bombers

    you cant reall feel bad forfletcher.. cuz if that was my son he pulled a gun on then he would have gotten it the same way.. Its those bitches tony yayo and 50 gay azz cent.. they had they boy killed all for what cuz jimmy son was wearing a shirt with his dads record company.. you seen what happen to yayo grandmas house how they shot that shit up.. you dont go around playin games with real street niggasss.. that should teach old azz tony ya hoe a leason.. they the ones who got they boy killed.. nigga up in the bronx while yahoe and 50 in a mansion.

  • Sha


    Even a skeptic has to take two doses of this and add some questions…..

    It looks like someone in 50′s camp is a snitch. And that’s the realest ish since Serpico!

    I don’t wish guilt on any man (especially if they’re really innocent). And I don’t wish bad karma on 50 and his camp (he has enough to go through with those low album sales projections). But man….. If this is true? 50 just became the “50 Cent version of Ja Rule”. He complained that Ja was singing on too many songs (what up 50). And he called Ja a snitch (say it ain’t so 50).

    Man…. It’s getting real dookie cruddy in this rap game.

  • Tyree

    These nyggaz is all snitches…chickenshit wankstas…lol

  • d43g

    @bomb co-sign they fucked up first by slapping his son, they both got what was coming to them!

  • ProblemChild

    Even dough I don’t really like 50 but he his a smat business man and I respect that a lot but from what I’ve just read, it doesn’t say anything about anyone from 50′s crew being a snitch so you guys probably need to go back to school for being so slow