Foxy Brown’s legal troubles continue to pile up. According to New York’s Daily News, the Brooklyn rapstress arrived over two hours late to a court appearance yesterday (June 21), prompting the judge to threaten her with jail time.

Supreme Court Justice John Walsh annoyed with her tardiness issued Brown a stern warning, “Don’t put me in a position where I’m going to have to remand you to make sure you’re here at 9:30."

Brown blamed her late arrival on lawyer Salvatore Srazullo whom she said instructed her to be in court at 11. Srazullo didn’t appear in court with Brown. He sent an aide in his absence.

Brown showed a text message from Srazullo to reporters. An Angry Brown fumed to the reporters, “This is bullshit I’m always here on time”

Brown pleaded not guilty last July on charges that she violated a restraining order by exposing her backside to a woman she assaulted in 2007.

According to Arlene Raymond, the woman in question, Brown pulled u her dress and yelled, “Kiss my ass”

Brown’s trial starts on July 12.—Mike Hennix