Diddy Settles 1999 Club New York Shooting Case

Over a decade since the infamous 1999 shooting at Club New York, Sean “Diddy” Combs has finally settled with the victims of the incident.

While most of the specifics of the settlement were kept under wraps due to a confidentiality agreement signed by all parties, former Club New York owner Michael Bergos did share a couple details with the New York Post (since he did not sign the legal paperwork). He told reporters that all three victims in the shooting were compensated. Natalie Rueben, who was the most seriously injured of the three, was awarded the most money, with $1.8 million.

Ms. Ruben, who was shot in the nose during the occurrence, says she “suffered seizures because of seven bullet fragments still lodged in her face.”

Former Bad Boy rapper Shyne, who was recently release from jail after serving 10 years for the shooting, and the club were also involved in the settlement. Bergos did not reveal who paid what but he did say that while Barrow and the club’s portions of the settlement were covered by their respective insurance companies, Diddy had to foot the bill himself.

As of press time Diddy has yet to comment on the settlement. —Henry Greenfeild

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  • Sha

    Diddy should’ve settled with those victims a long time ago. It’s not like his money was ever decreasing.

    Def Jam settled with Shine with that fake-assed record contract. It took him longer but Diddy has followed suit.

  • Aaron

    Glad this is over..it was a real bad moment for Puffy…He lost the one artist he was making a real star……..J Lo.. He is going to get better..

  • MAMM

    Michael Bergos approved Michael Stein to contract Modern Art Music Movement (MAMM) founder, Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr., to embellish walls of Club New York in West Palm Beach with cutting edge, radical, pre-New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani-style, graffiti art. A dream team of MAMM artists created an over 6,000 square foot mural entitled, “Modern Art Gonzo Journalism: For Guts & Glory-A Crackhead Jesus Episode”, ironically, warning the global entertainment industry about the epidemic of economic fraud being perpetrated in South Florida during the economic recession by unscrupulous club owners. Google Search: “Florida’s Legal Mafia Crackhead Jesus” and you will be made aware of the “Sue Me Syndrome” which is now being recognized by reputable news outlets around the globe. Bergos claims he wants to make events of his infamous night spent with Sean “P-Diddy” Combs and Jennifer Lopez at Club New York in Times Square, into a movie. The Modern Art Music Movement will produce a feature based on events leading up to West Palm Beach Police Case # 12-38084 on 2-28-12 and the celebrity packed grand opening of Club New York in West Palm Beach, March 2, 2012.