Cuban Link Not Happy w/Joell Ortiz’s ‘Big Pun Back’ Either

Liza Rios, Big Pun’s widow, isn’t the only one upset about Joell Ortiz’s “Big Pun Back” track. Apparently, former Terror Squad members Cuban Link and Tony Sunshine aren’t very pleased with it either.

In a video that surfaced on the net today (June 14), Link says the track “doesn’t sit right with me… Only a few are chosen to touch certain things. I don’t feel that man is chosen,” he said while speaking into the camera. “There’s no problems where it’ll be some extra shit… at the end of the day, it’s music… We just get a little tight when niggas do certain things. But, at the end of the day, niggas show him love… I gotta talk to that brother… I’m always a fan but that’s a personal situtation.”

Sunshine jumped in and while more politically-correct with his answer, agreed with CL. “Pun was just super natural on the mic. He was ahed of his time. He was beyond one of the best to ever touch the mic,” he said, “I don’t think nobody can touch the mic like he did. The dude is super incredible. I think he’s talented. I’m just glad someone is trying to keep his name alive and rep his name, but there are just certain things you don’t do.”

Cuban Link and TS were accompanied by Peedi Crakk, who spoke on a new group the three are a part of. Watch the clip below:

Last week, Ortiz appeared on New York radio station Hot 97 and told host Angie Martinez he was “surprised” and “confused” that Rios was offended by his “Big Pun Back” song. Stay tuned to as this story develops.—XXL Staff

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  • Realnigga

    get the fuck outta here u hatin’ muthafuckas…….they must REALLY need the publicity…..I could understand if he disrespected the man……but he did nothing but give him props…….Big Pun to me ain’t a great anyways…..It’s funny how when someone dies they are all of a sudden “one of the greats” but when they were alive they were just your average rapper…….shit Fat Joe is better than Pun

    • The Great Spade

      Nigga you sound stupid….Fat Joe better than Pun?

    • greenlite616


  • one900romello

    Some people need to learn the difference between staking a claim of being someone and paying homage. It’s clear Joell was paying Homage. But that was there big homie so i guess they caught feelings but I think they should re-evlaute and try again. lol

  • O.Skino

    lol… HAS BEENS talkin bout RELEVANCE?!! Joel Ortiz is the furture for Latino rappers & rap in general. He’s a lyrical monster!!! Why not show some support for the new Spanish cat doin big thangz instead of holding on to one that ain’t here no more. (especially after he was just paying homage!!)

    Keep doin ya thing Joel… this niggas wasn’t half the caliber of rapper that you are. and i think Pun would’a dug it!!

    From DR to PR baby… all love!!

  • fuckyall

    real nigga needs to be punch in his fake face.
    pun was a monster.
    we all got are fav. hes like 6 on my list and broly shit on the 5 on my top 5 but he was niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    so real nigga wash yea pussy then pic up a pun cd and give it a try lol

  • Afi K. James

    Wasn’t this the same clown cuban jackass who compared mysonne to biggie?
    who gives a crap about his ass anymore, he hasn’t even apologized to biggie fans in 3 years for that shit.

    what a joke, nobody will ever be compared to big pun and I Have lost my respect for tony sunshine.

    I Can’t wait for MMA and cuban’s nemieses level to throw cuban link out.

  • Pictureman

    Big Pun was always better than Fat Joe….

  • Aaron

    Big Pun never gets his respect from no one in the game….He came out and was just like Biggie a killa on the mic…they both came out with 2 albums and died before they could really take over….Biggie was one of the Best!….He needs someone in the game to show his value!..Big ups to Joell Ortiz!…Bx Stand up! Rest easy Big PUN!