Common Signs to Warner [XXcLusive] has learned that Common has signed to Warner Bros. Records.

A source close to the deal has confirmed with us that the Chicago rapper/actor will be releasing his next record on Warner. As of press time a release date is unknown.

Com’s last album, 2008′s Universal Mind Control was put out by Universal. Surprisingly, the Chicago-born MC dropped an EP on iTunes earlier this week along with a new group called Cocaine 80s (consisting of long time producer No. ID and other musicians).

Stay tuned to as more information becomes available. —XXL Staff

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  • Brutally Honest

    Wow, Lyor & Edgar is making Warner a big powerhouse in the industry.

    • SuckMyDick

      By signing Commom? LOL.

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  • William Leonard Roberts II

    What Common’s next album needs is more Kanye. Kanye took Be from a XL to an XXL and the best joint from Finding Forever was The People. It’s not that I’m dissing The Neptunes, but man that kind of production ain’t Common.

    • Tim

      For once I actually can completely agree with someone who comments on this site.

    • CARTEL

      It was due to Kanye’s busy work schedule that caused Common to work with the Neptunes…It wasn’t a conscious decision to just minimize Kanye’s production…

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  • bebop

    Well…I don’t care for Lyor…Common needs to protect himself…and he knows the ‘game’ soooooooo, i’m hopin’ he’s still whole…

    Meanwhile…I hope that NO I.D. who is my dude…can bring Common forward by takin’ it BACK to the COMMON true Hip-Hop heads know and LOVE. Like Water for Chocolate and One Day It’ll All Make Sense…were my personal favs…Be was great. UNI was…a very low vibration for Com. And without gettin’ into his personal…he needs to be with folks who feed him…and lately…especially with that last joint…it made me really take a look at WHO was in his cypher…cuz if they were feedin’ him…the real question is WHAT were they servin’ cuz the output was shallow and Com’s anything BUT. Always a fan…

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  • emceej

    common is irrelevant he should just quite rapping no one listens to his trash anymore

  • trev

    im gettin bugz bunny money im at warner brothers hoe!

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  • kidnothing1

    Finding Forever was the last good one to me, I don’t know if Warner is gonna make me care again. BUT they do have Blu and XV so maybe….

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