50 Cent Airs Out Interscope, Announces New Single

50 Cent is having problems with his label again. In a string of tweets posted earlier this morning (June 16), Fif voiced his frustration with Interscope Records, complaining about their lackluster treatment of his long awaited forthcoming album, Black Magic.

“Ok I tried to be cool with my record company,” he wrote. “I went to the meeting [and] talk[ed] to everyone and shit feels like [they're] moving in slow motion. I’m sorry to announce I will not be releasing a new album this year if we don’t get on the same page.”

This news comes as a disappointment to many fans, but it is not completely unexpected. Even though the G-Unit general announced that he was one song away from completing his album on The Ellen DeGeneres Show just last May, he still hasn’t released a single.

Shortly after he announced the delay, disappointed Twitter followers took to the Internet, pleading for new music. And it appears 50 heard them. Around 2 p.m. EST, 50 tweeted: “Ok fuck it I’m putting the first song off my new album out tonight.”

It is unclear whether Interscope will be directly involved.

While word of a single is a relief to many, the album’s release date is still unclear. Fans are anxious for the next 50 album. His last LP, Before I Self Destruct, came out in 2009. On Twitter 50 joked about the long wait: “I’m on that [Dr.] DRE shit boy, guess when my sh*t coming out WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT. LMAO. [sic]

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com as this story develops. —Henry Greenfield

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  • Jeezy

    Fif, nobody wanna hear yo shit. Nobody gives a fuck about Black Magic…. That album is not even in Top 30 rap albums people anticipate this year. We want RED Album! August 23rd! And oh yeah, Thug Motivation 103!

    • ibrahim009

      hahahahahahaha exactly what i thought THIS IS GAMES YEAR RED ALBUM ALL THE WAY

      • fdhdf

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        i met him via —-Black’White’Fli rt. C óM—- the most effective interracial da-t_ing s i_te. If you are tired of dat_ing sit_es that don’t work, don’t hesitate to check this one !!

        You will meet your “milk” or “chocolate” soon !!
        Black’ White ‘Fli rt. C óM—@@@@

    • Tru Talk

      no one wanna hear Game’s album, he don’t have one good song out from that yet and he’s released 6 singles already lmao

  • Jswag

    Don’t nobody wanna hear another album from this fraud. He must have run out of people to snitch on, lmao. Tell the informant to keep his crappy music to himself, fu*ken clown!!!

    • Gratiot Eastsider

      @ “Jswag”-the term “swag” is played son, so to call yourself “Jswag” is telleing everyone yo are played yo. Swag is for fools that’s wack as hell…..

  • DeezzNuttzzz

    The label is moving slowly because your music sucks. You’re a fake thug and the public knows this now. You are plaid out and other than your first album, your music has been weak. Please give it up guy, you have plenty of money so do us a favor and dissapear.

    • pap3rchazer

      fif n interscope been having issues since 06. sha money xl said he left gunit becuz while they were still signed to interscope, the staff was just lazy n he had to put in their own work dolo,. I think ever since fif yelled “Fuck Jimmy Iovine” on a track in 07, he’s been paying the price for it: lack of tos promo/album shipments, dropped gunit, bisd leaked a month early.

      its been obvious that interscope aint fuckin with fif, so he needs to just buyout his contract n go to another label

  • Sha

    On some real ish? Who does 50 think he is, Michael Jackson?? He’s been too long in coming with this album…

    And on the policking?

    As far back as I can remember, there have been a select view individuals to go against their record companies and win. The only way that I have heard this being done is if you get at em on the cusp of your star being white hot. That’s not the case with 50. His star is more like doo-doo brown….

    A few years back he could’ve basically gotten whatever he wanted. No doubt. But now? Jumping up and down and throwing tantrums will damn sure make the dudes at Interscope say,

    “N*gga, is you crazy?! Quick, is that spot for December 2080 open?”

    No one’s REALLY anticipating this album. Maybe the die-hard 50 fans. But that’s it!

    Interscope played dude like the beautiful decay. They milked his popularity and got paid. Now you’re lucky if you find any of his CDs in the alley garbage cans. Damn, how the mighty have fallen!

    • http://thisis50.com PM

      Lupe Fiasco dealt with the label pushing his album back, putting it on the shelf. He spoke out and so did his fans, then the label released it almost a year after the first single dropped. He’s Best selling album ever, It can be done.

      50 may be just trying to keep his name in the news and in peoples minds. I just downloaded “Return of the Boom Bap, Its hot as hell but too bad it all his old music mixed and mashed up.
      50 got fans and talent, his main problem is being too successful so he has to make main stream music. That isn’t what made him hot. Too bad he can’t go back to his old shi cause with well over $400 million no body going believe His old shi.

      50 get back to the basics, next album should be called “Got Rich Didn’t Die, Now What?

      • Big Daddy Kane

        One difference though son, Lupe is not a fraud. 50 is a clown that’s always doing circus tricks……Red Album-coming soon…Tell 50 to remake a thundercat movie or something.

      • Man Please

        This nigga aint never been shit or hot!!! Aye 50 die already!!!!

  • $yk

    same ol’ 50 Cent comments…

    * closes firefox *

  • Dmxej

    Sad. He used to be nicknamed Curtis “Interscope” Jackson and now he’s getting treated like a regular artist, such as Styles P who 50 claimed to have stopped from coming out some years ago on this label. Doesn’t feel so good when the shoe is on the other foot.

  • http://xxlmag.com not u

    fifty is smarter den yall think he sent out those tweets just to build momentum for his single which he is dropping i bet he never had plans on NOT PUTTING IT OUT TODAY..HE JUST GARNERED FREE PRESS WITH HIS ANGRY TWEETs think about it…nd if u are reading this article then it obviously worked lol

    • Big Daddy Kane

      When you have to rely tweets to get some buzz then your career is at an all time low son, also-a tweet rant will not make me press the buy button on my iPod dude, it just won’t. I can read articles allday on this fool and I still won’t purchase a 30 cent snippet (no pun) from this fool. Err body in Queens thinks this fool is a fraud, a phony, a stan…dude will never come to Murdock ave son, never see this dude of Farmers Blvd or Francis Lewis-we see this dude on Hollis ave it’s on son. We’ll throw all his cd’s at him….

  • Tru Talk

    I cant believe ppl call 50 fraud… ima sound like a mad dick rider right now but seriously he’s done everything and had everything done to him that ur favorite street rapper raps about….

  • Not a hater just a fan with a honest critique

    50 needs to get off twitter and get back on his mixtape grind that’s the best thing to do when the labels screwin ya he’s gotta get people exited about the album first then maybe the people will protest for um like they did lupe. funny someone mentioned styles p cause he already did a track called black magic 50 needs to change the title and get back in the booth.

    • $yk

      “funny someone mentioned styles p cause he already did a track called black magic 50 needs to change the title”

      ^ KRS already did a Blueprint album before Jay Z…Masta Ace had a SlaughtAhouse album before the group…Marvin’s Room first then Marvin and Chardonnay…cats in the game been biting titles/concepts.

      And to be honest a mixtape isn’t gonna do anything but give people free music, and 50 already did that this year with all of those “freestyles”, which would also kinda tell me that he’s been in the booth. 50 has a fanbase and a lucrative publishing catalog, some people will buy BM to complete their own personal collection and others will because they like a couple of songs on the album. Simple.

      If anything I’m lol-ing at his 2011 “Pimpy Curly” game right now…I know y’all see the pics out there

      • show stopper

        Well, doin dis all of yo know aint easy.. 50 cent for a while hasnt been puttin’ up has expected but still yet cant be compared to Game in hit tracks , sells or progressive success… So i would leave the idiots to keepup their views…. 50 cent u av alot of hardwork to do, it not just tellin us about hw much u av gat! alot of rich artist out there still talk on d gangsta’s mode, bleeding so av u….. am really dissapointed but am sure ur next ablum il change my mind and of others, out ur dick in d mouth of ur haters.. so its always fuck wat they say… cheers haters, try to bcome sometin in life instead of complain on someone wealthy u can never dream of even becoming his housemaid..

  • mav

    shit is hip hop karma for fif this is what u get for fuckin up dblocks release dates and kickin the best rappers in gunit to the curb shit comes back on u…real talk

  • gunit98

    I reckon you people ahould stop dissing fif, if he doesnt get the album out fair sure hell the sequel will kick the rest of your asses.

  • Richard

    fuck yall who say that 50 sucks and fuck the game if It weren’t for 50 the game wouldn’t even be singing so 50 I cant wait for ur album and fuck the game his music sucks just like the music I have only heard one good song from the game

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