In an interview with the UK’s VOICE Online, Wiz Khalifa dished about his relationship with model Amber Rose and his feelings about Rose’s high-profile rapper ex, Kanye West.

Wiz is the latest to share details about the couple’s romance. As previously reported, Rose recently spoke to King magazine about the Wiz versus West dating saga.

Though some have said that the “Black and Yellow” purveyor is merely taking West’s ‘leftovers,’ Wiz says he’s unfazed by the chatter.“No, (it doesn’t bother me) at all,” he told the VOICE. “You can’t judge a person by who they were with before. If I’d done that, I would’ve missed out on a great person. There are tons of people who were with somebody and then went on to be with somebody else who they really found love with.”

Despite rumors of friction between Rose’s current and former flames, Wiz says that he has never met West and has no hard feelings towards the Louis Vuitton Don. “There’s no relationship and no negativity because I’ve never met (Kanye),” Wiz said. “If I do ever meet him, I’ll be nice and cool, as I always am, and hopefully he’ll be the same way.”

“We’re grown ups,” Wiz added. “And he’s older than I am, so I would absolutely expect him to act in a mature way. I ain’t tripping on anything like that. I’ve got so much that I wanna do. I can’t let my goals be tainted with anything negative.”

Wiz also dispelled ideas that Rose is only with him because of his bank account and star status. In fact, Wiz called the relationship “serious” and hinted that wedding bells could be in the couple’s future.
“She’s the last girl I’m ever gonna be with,” he said. —Lauren Carter