Tyler, the Creator Set to Sell 45-50K

The projections are in! The industry insiders at hitsdailydouble.com peg Tyler, the Creator’s much hyped album, Goblin—the OFWGKTA leader’s very first LP for retail consumption—at about 45,000-50,000 in sales in its first week. The numbers are based on the first day sales figures.

Other rap releases set to debut on The Billboard Top 200 albums chart next week include The Lonley Island’s sophomore disc, Turtleneck & Chain. The comedic trio are on track to sell about 65,000 to 70,000.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com next Wednesday, May 18 for the official Nielsen SoundScan numbers. —Elan Mancini

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  • jonny bizness

    Wow !!!!!!!With all the hype i would have assumed it would be at least triple that but can’t judge the album cos i ain’t really gave it a good listen yet

  • I’m dracula, bitch.

    The hype is only within the internet. Most people who buy albums don’t even know who Tyler is.

    • JugularKill

      Are you stupid.Every OFWGKTA show sold out every where they tour all over Europe etc.

      The people who buy his shit are only people who know exactly who he is don’t you know what underground means. He’s still not mainstream despite being signed.

      And he has a deal where he keeps the rights to his masters. Unlike a lot of these new dumb fucks every time his music is “used” he gets paid.

      He has Zero promotion (some cheap quick tv ad), almost zero budget, zero mainstream affiliation (not sided with a mainstream artist).

      So 25 > 50K is decent

      Music artist don’t make serious money though album sales it’s made by gigs & concerts. Ask The Roots, Tom Jones & Beyonce

      • I’m dracula, bitch.

        You totally missed my point. I hope he sells a lot, I love the kid’s music.

      • EReal

        LOL! 25-50k is in no way shape or form decent. WTF, yall dickriders make the most excuses. That shit is a FLOP.

        I see mofuckas talking about 125k first week is a flop and shit, but its ok for this dude to sell 40 and it’s decent?

        Naw, bruh. lmao.

  • Nix5un

    waiting to see what all the hype is about…

  • Bow

    its only been a fucking day

  • Tru Talk

    Album sales arn’t a indication of anything now a days.

    • EReal

      It’s an indication of success in every way. If you dont sell, you disappear.

      It’s also an indication of your fan base.

  • josh

    I skipped school today and absorbed the entire album. I can tell you that its pretty fucking incredible and definitely worth 12 bucks on itunes. ofwgkta

    • Waffles

      noob shoulda got the leak, kill people burn shit fuck school

      • thinker

        noob should support artists he listens to. fuckin dweeb

        • Fagfuck

          ya you selfish fuck hahaha buy someshit once in a while bitchass nigga real people support who they listen

  • rachelray

    Lol at you dumb ass niggaz who have never sold a record in your life being the expert on record sales.

    The hype is only on the internet? Mafucka they play Odd Future on MTV 45 times a day. “Yonkers” is on MTV ALLLL day.

    50k is great first week. Waka Flocka did 35k and he is almost gold. Fuck outta here man.

    • swype-matic

      Wait, MTV still plays music? I mean, I know they need background shit for Jersey Shore and Sweet 16, but honestly, if it wasn’tfor the internet, I would have no idea who Tyler is.

  • Enlightened

    Nobody knows who this man is. Hip-hop sites think they can talk about somebody all day, everyday and that it will translate into the real world.

    There is no substitute for what “the streets” say. Nobody knows who the fuck Tyler or these other dudes are unless you come on these sites. Numbers don’t surprise me at all.

    • user

      If nobody knows who Tyler or “these people” are then why have they sold out ALL of their shows. Within AND outside of the country. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. If “the streets” mattered then there would be a lot of people who “nobody knows” about. If I asked my friends from my job or my family who artists like Brand New or Waka Flaka were they would have no idea. Does this mean that they aren’t known? No. You sound like an idiot.

      Tyler and Hodgy performed on Jimmy Fallon and MTVU before his first album was even released in stores. He was also #2 on itunes. Nobody knows who he is, okay ‘Enlightened’.

      • Karim

        You prolly a 13 year old white bitch holding and suckin’ this dudes dick! Go fuck yourself twice… Dipshit.

  • fastflipper

    this guy is wack

    he never gonna sell 50k …at all

    unless the label buy them


    I’m reading all these comments and laughing at all ya’ll.
    It’s just music.
    Some people like this shit,some people don’t.
    As long as these brothers are doing something creative and not getting caught up in the streets,we should be happy for them instead of putting them down.If ya’ll have the secret for selling records,then put something out.

    Nobody nowadays is selling big numbers anyways except for a few big names.
    Who the fuck made some of these people the authority on what’s music and what’s not.
    I know everyone of us listens to an artist that we may like but to others they suck.If you don’t like it,don’t fucking listen to it or buy it.it’s that simple.LOL

  • Belzer

    All I know is, it’s sold out everywhere in Oregon. Mines coming soon in the mail and I can’t wait to hear it!

  • Dakota.

    Disappointing IMO. Bastard a lot better, Tyler is over hyped. If any of you actually listened to his music you’d understand. He bitches in interviews saying progression, progression. Yet Goblin is No. Fucking. Different.

    For some reason he is the star of OF when I clearly think Hodgy surpasses him by a LOOOOOOONG shot. Tyler raps about the same shit, dupes verses I mean come on people. The kid has a 16 year old fan base… I fucking love his music but if you listened to Bastard or any other OF branch it simply is. not. that. good.

  • wesleyafrica

    who the fuck cares..odd future is the biggest thing right now..believe it hate and love it..they make fuckin creative music..the kid is 19 and sold almost 50k in his first week..im sure his music affected all those listeners..fuck if its underground or real hip hop…genres are fuckin gay anyways..thats why they came out in the first place..

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