Tyler, the Creator Sells 45K in First Week

After a week of debates, the official numbers are in; Tyler, The Creator’s first retail album, Goblin, has officially moved 45,100 units in his debut week on shelves.

According to the Nielsen SoundScan report, released today (May 18), the Odd Future leader met his sales projections, which was enough for him to land a spot at No. 5 on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart.

Surpassing the shock rap sensation with hip-hop album of the week though, goes to comedy trio The Lonely Island. Their sophmore release Turtleneck & Chain, debuted two seats up at No. 3 with 67,600 discs sold.

The Beastie Boys, in their second week on the charts sold 41,700 copies of Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2. So far, the New York trio has moved 169,900 copies in all.

Wiz Khalifa also held on strong. His major label debut, Rolling Papers, sold an additional 16,300 copies in its seventh week on the charts, coming in at No. 23. That brings his total to 387,500.

Finally, Nicki Minaj continues to produce high numbers. Pink Friday held the No. 37 position this week, selling 12,600 copies and bringing her total to 1,369,000 after 25 weeks.

Next week look for new LPs from KIller Mike, the New Boyz and Tinie Tempah to enter the charts. —Carter Maness

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    Tinie Tempah goin to entry the album charts big next week blowin up WORLDWIDE FLYIN THE FLAG FOR ENGLAND

  • HU

    Who is Tyler the Creator? I honestly don’t know.

  • http://xxl.com biged

    hes some jerk off that cant rap for shit tryin to be like brotha lynch hung….guess what he aint even close.. hey xxl reveiw the coathanga strangla the best cd of 2011

    • Hip Hop Addict

      your fuckin stupid……… brotha lynch is sick with the rhymes but he phony like every other rapper……….. brotha lynch didnt even come up with that style of rap either….. lynch old shit was better than his new shit so his album is not the best of 2011 u don’t know if it is… thats your opinion though….

  • http://xxl.com biged

    hes a bum that cant rap for shit. tryin to be like brotha lynch hung. guess what he aint even close…. why the fuc wont xxl reveiw the coathanga strangla??? i guess they dont have enough mics!!

    • G3

      LMFAO youra fucking retard! they use mics to rate in the fucking source dumbass, not xxl, you dont even know what magazine youre talking about tard and lay off the kid legit so many people hate on the guy for no reason

  • http://xxl.com biged

    i guess they dont have enough mics to reveiw that one

  • http://goferthat.com Stein

    So was this considered a success for Mr. Tyler

  • Tha Boy JC

    that whole album just needs ta be put bakk on the shelves..spent 10 dollas and it aint even worth that. smh at these new school “rap” artists

  • Cookie760

    Its Not His Fault The CD Was Undershipped (As Most Indie Labels Do) I Went To Best Buy At Noon The Day It Came Out And Got The Last Copy And My Friend Went To Target To Buy It At Night Only To Get The Last Copy Too
    I Tried To Take My Cousin Friday To Buy One And That Shit Was Backordered Everywhere

  • http://xxl.com biged

    thats right gravediggaz started it. no shit half the rappers are fake and dont do what they say. i was talkin lyrically this dude cant hang.ive been listining to rap since this shit started and as of right now strange music runs this shit. wait till june 4 and well c whos stupid

    • DirtyBlue95

      Gravediggaz weren’t first either. You have Esham, Gangsta Nip, hell even Bushwick Bill. They all were better.

      • 559talksik

        Esham, gangsta nip and bushwick bill…better than brotha lynch hung?..hahahahah….goo smoke some more crack dumbass!

  • BeerGangsta

    Go Beastie Boys!!! Old school the best school!! Fuck new school!!

    • Azrael

      Shut your old ass up.

  • fuckthisshit

    seriosuly lonely island?!?!?! fuck them jewish white boys that shit is not rap or hip hop, that belong next to Weird Al albums please I wish some real rap niggaz would whoop these whiteboy asses so hard they ain’t never gonna try to released another album again!

  • http://xxl.com biged

    geto boys were around first but horrorcore started with gravediggaz and flatlinerz. before that it was just gangsta rap. either way this aint cuttin it. but listen to what u like not what someone else says is hot.. slaughterhouse gonna b takin over anyway, bad vs evil is just the start.

  • Nigga Black

    odd future? More like no future! Tyler the creator? More like Tyler the fuckin Retard! Goblin? More like Goblin on cock?

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