For many fans, Tyler, The Creator's reaction to the leak of his official debut Goblin was going to be just as interesting as the record itself. The much-anticipated album began spreading online on Wednesday (May 4), and Tyler quickly jumped on Twitter to offer his thoughts on the matter.

"People are going crazy tryna find the leak to Goblin," he wrote. "It comes out soon, and took this long to 'leak.' Good job Tyler and XL."

Perhaps inspired by Tyler's prankster persona, members of rabblerousing online communities such as 4Chan posted fake versions of the album. While the tracklist and song times looked legit, many listeners found themselves with fake copies that included some unexpected artists.

"Fucking losers," he tweeted with laughter. "It will be in like, Target and Best Buy and shit like that 5.10.11. You could wait instead of downloading Celine Dion and Shaq songs."

Tyler quickly switched to a more optimistic, confident tone, saying that he was proud of his work on the record and how it stayed true to himself.

"The cool thing is that I made an album that I wanted to listen to, and just happened to put it out," he wrote, adding his famously expected catchphrase, "Swag."

Yet Tyler also knows how hype cycles work. With so much attention and high expectations from fans and haters alike, the rapper/producer joked that an Odd Future backlash must be just around the corner.

"I give it a month before everyone hates Odd Future," he concluded.

Goblin hits stores and digital retailers on May 10 via XL Recordings. —Carter Maness