Tyler, the Creator Reacts to Goblin Leak

For many fans, Tyler, The Creator’s reaction to the leak of his official debut Goblin was going to be just as interesting as the record itself. The much-anticipated album began spreading online on Wednesday (May 4), and Tyler quickly jumped on Twitter to offer his thoughts on the matter.

“People are going crazy tryna find the leak to Goblin,” he wrote. “It comes out soon, and took this long to ‘leak.’ Good job Tyler and XL.”

Perhaps inspired by Tyler’s prankster persona, members of rabblerousing online communities such as 4Chan posted fake versions of the album. While the tracklist and song times looked legit, many listeners found themselves with fake copies that included some unexpected artists.

“Fucking losers,” he tweeted with laughter. “It will be in like, Target and Best Buy and shit like that 5.10.11. You could wait instead of downloading Celine Dion and Shaq songs.”

Tyler quickly switched to a more optimistic, confident tone, saying that he was proud of his work on the record and how it stayed true to himself.

“The cool thing is that I made an album that I wanted to listen to, and just happened to put it out,” he wrote, adding his famously expected catchphrase, “Swag.”

Yet Tyler also knows how hype cycles work. With so much attention and high expectations from fans and haters alike, the rapper/producer joked that an Odd Future backlash must be just around the corner.

“I give it a month before everyone hates Odd Future,” he concluded.

Goblin hits stores and digital retailers on May 10 via XL Recordings. —Carter Maness

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  • DavySupafly

    yo I got the leaked version of this album that shit is a masterpiece, Tyler is doing something so different it’s so fuckin radical. If Kanye can make a record like MBDTF why can’t tyler make music like this?

    • Spencer_J

      What website is it on?? U can text me at 734-444-3066 or just respond to this…SWAG

  • black jesus

    tyler the creator is such a rebellious visionary.

  • EReal

    Odd future sucks ass. I tried listening to that sheit, it’s garbage. This guy is no visionary, its been done. Horrorcore rap has been around forever. Necro, Goretex, Mr Hyde, Circle of Tyrants, Non Phixion, Jedi Mind Tricks, Snow Goons even. This dude is just bringing it to the main stream and you kids are dumb enough to believe whatever he says cause your whole generation is a bunch of dickriders with no self perception.

    • DefJEasy

      EReal: Youre exactly right. I keep waiting for my generation to wake up the obvious ploy of “shock” entertainers but they seem to be too ignorant to notice that who they are exalting as a “visionary” is actually a little douche bag with nothing to offer the movement except pathetic lines about rape and murder and a banal style thats been recycled too many times. Its complete bullshit thats been done over and over and over by untalented people with nothing to offer. They come out and act obnoxious, weird, out of the ordinary, harsh, twisted, indecent. Thats all well and good, whatever, but its not visionary, its not creative, its not original, and its not good. Its a weak interpretation of marilyn manson at best. They know stupid people will praise them for it. Its fucking sad. You dont even need talent to be a “visionary” anymore. All you have to do is act like a freak who enjoys rape. Wow, seriously cool. Only a fucking loser would like this crap.

      • seanithanegan

        It’s good music. Maybe you should listen to it before you judge it.


        No.. just ACTUALLY listen to it before demeaning everyone around you for their opinion, then if you don’t like it.. kindly shut your mouth and stop seeking Odd Future news articles to bitch about. Have a nice day.

        • ROBD916

          I LISTENED AND ITS FUCKING STUPID AND YOU’RE DUMB FOR LIKING IT haha real talk tho odd future is garbage i have listened to them tyler does have talent tho but hes pissing it away

        • cliptoklobaklit

          Ok, let me get this straight. You don’t want people who think its shit to voice their opinion because it demeans someone else’s opinion? Well, thats just top notch logic right their. How about you let EVERYONE voice an opinion instead of being a bitch about the ones you don’t like?

          PS. We have listened to it. IT DOES FUCKING SUCK, AND YOU ARE FUCKING DUMB FOR LIKING IT. This isn’t a fan-girl site, its a hip-hop site, open to the honest opinions, critiques, and criticisms of every fan of this culture. If you don’t like the possibility of negativity then kindly shut off your computer and never open up a web page again. Have a nice day.

          • Chris Milne

            The only difference between my opinion (that it’s great) and your opinion (that it sucks) is that your opinion is wrong. Have a nice day.

        • Karim

          “I LISTENED AND ITS FUCKING STUPID AND YOU’RE DUMB FOR LIKING IT”. Fuckin’ dick riding asshat….

          • Karim

            Hi my name is Karim and i am a complete faggot i suck dick and get fucked in the ass at the same time.

      • nate

        it’s not horrorcore you dumb fucks actually listen to the fucking music or if you dont like it then dont listen it doesnt call for you to hop online and trash his shit fuckface

    • KARIM

      YAAAAAAAY! Someone fucking gets it….

    • OFWGKtheseidiots

      OFWGKTA is not Horrorcore, you fucking faggots… -__-

    • Off in the woods

      Your a fucking faggot. Shits genius. Kpbsfs.

    • free

      if you think OF is horrorcore try listening to anything by Mike G or Domo or Hodgy or Frank Ocean or The Jet Age of Tomorrow. Their shit is definelty not horrorcore and they are OF. The only two who have any elements to their music that is SLIGHTLY horrorcore are Earl and Tyler and even then its nothing worse than what Eminem did back on the Slim Shady LP or the Marshall Mathers LP and would you consider that horrorcore? No.

    • Jstrong

      I’ll say one thing. One critical word you said that makes everything you just said invalid and fail. “HORRORCORE” = NOT OF.
      Fucking idiots think they are still horrorcore. Learn your shit.

    • Zudaw

      EReal: i hope you die the worst way possible. your the dumbest fucker i have ever heard….u probably don’t like them because you were raped multiple times by black inmates that had dicks the size of horses. when you wake up in the morning do u at least wash the cum out of your ears and listen to OFWGKTA and realize how great it is?!?!?
      (p.S…idk if i said this already or not but i hope you die painfully, hopefully you drown in a septic tank) PEACE BITCH!!!

  • BReal

    You didn’t listen long enough then because he sounds like none of those guys. Outside of Sandwitches the song that blew them up. GOBLIN doesn’t even have that much horror related lyrics besides raped a pregnant bitch and told my friends I had a threesome.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    I agree,

    I mean u gotta listen to these dudes all of them. tyler def stands out. plus factor in dude is 19 with grown man lyris wordplay punches metaphors multi rhyme schemes content crazy beats and more.

    I’m just sayin the future may be odd but its hip hop.

    • OFWGporvida

      the future is odd indeed(:

  • Juangizme

    dam all these old people can’t relate or understand why tyler makes the music he does. It is clearly not for you guys so go back to listening to your favorite 90′s rappers album…this generation (especially kids from LA) grew up fucked up and mad..you guys wouldnt understand and probably never will..this is a new generation of music where artist like casey dom tyler and lil b arent trying to make music your trying to hear but music they want to make..quit hating on a fucking kid you f******

    • Phil

      Ooooooh…poor you. Your must’ve been the lil reject kid in class who no one liked and went home and masturbated with your spit in the toilet. Go fuck a dad.

      • philcaneatadick

        Thanx dr. Phil. Eat a dick

        • Phil

          Good job with nothing of value to say. You must be the dad fucker I was refering to. And when you don’t have a father around for pleasure I’m sure you can muster up enough thoughts to go ham on yourself.

          • lolwat

            Ironic how you say that he has nothing of value to say. You are fucking retarded.

    • http://la206.bandcamp.com quest_hate

      Tyler is a smart young man no doubt. exciting entertainer? yes. visionary? no.

      i listened to Bastard atleast 10x all the way through and while 4-5 songs were really strong, the rest of the album was garbage and the entire album sonically sounds like shit straight up.

      Frank Ocean is the most promising nigga in the squad after all the hype dies down. we’ll see how Earl carries it (he is the only other talented member) but it’s cool to see young niggas living the dream.

      you kids just take it too far claiming us “old” heads don’t get it. gotta remember Nas wrote Illmatic at 17 fuck boys. aaliyah was also on the scene at age 15.

      it don’t matter how old you were when you made the shit, what matters is how long it stays around after.

      • Bin Laden

        Great perspective young man…

    • Karim

      WOW! A true to life dicksucker you are! Pansy, tight jean wearin’, thrift store shoppin’ bitch…..

    • donski

      That’s the most sensical point on here. Fucking Radical.

  • Idiot

    If you don’t like his music why did you even click on this article. Fucking internet thugs. Go hack some hard drives or something.
    People have their own opinions.

    • Karim

      Cry me a river faggot! We do what we want on this site and we can comment on wack shit IF we like! Your name says it all… Kill yourself.


    its all in one’s perception we all have different tastes. I just love good music. sometimes I understand the deeper meaning to the rape talk and blah blah blah… but it’s not like your parents diden’t like or understand some of the shit you listen to it’s “always” like this with different generations. “You” grew up listening to the music you like you didnt’t “grow” up to this. So if you dont like the music its not bullshit its just not your taste. IDC if dat made since…

  • Geesh

    Wow, people actually defending a guy who raps about raping pregnant women. Music sure is progressing…

    • wolfgaaang

      It’s art. He is writing in perspective of a serial killer. It’s not Horrorcore, by the way, he says it in a song. Don’t come on an article ALL about Odd Future and say negative shit. No one cares about your idiotic opinion and not being able to understand that art may be a little different.

      • Jesus Follower

        Understand what ??? U act like he talks about thought provoking stuff when he raps blatantly about rape just like anyone saying “I rape bitches” over and over again

    • coincidenceisfuckinggreat

      Lol right when i read this the line that you are referencing came on.
      Honestly I don’t listen to a whole lot of hip-hop other than AOTP and Immortal Technique, and I can’t figure out why I like OFWGKTA so much. They definitely have interesting beats and are not afraid to touch things that pussies like Kanye and Snoop are too afraid to touch. He’s a visionary in his own light, like any other artist out there he is doing what he loves, no matter what others say and no matter the consequences. He is not afraid of the press, the critics or anything, he does what he wants simple as that, and thats respectable.
      Also if you disagree with what I say enough to make a hate filled response then you can go eat a dick!

  • EeezyJay

    @ Geesh No kiddin SMH

  • God

    I downloaded the leak and it was awesome but I don’t feel like spending money on it. THANK ALLAH AND GOD AND MY DICK FOR THE INTERNET

  • fuckyall

    i try to given them a chance but they suck.
    and why name it goblin. should name it ears lol

  • Ganja

    Earl Sweatshirt is the only person I give a shit about in OF.

  • G3

    who gives a fuck if he raps about raping bitches, em rapped about that 10 years ago, and killing them, the problem is when they actually start doing it in real life, till then its just fucking music its not hurting anyone

  • Tyler Okonma

    Y’all faggots are forgetting Earl. When that lil’ nigga returns to OF, the world is ours.

  • black jesus

    Juangizme is right. this music is for little boys who have daddy issues.

    if you are not a little boy with daddy issues, then you wouldnt understand that taylor the creator is a rebellious visionary.

  • famouz73

    “It seems like people get afraid of a certain music if they can’t pigeonhole it to their satisfaction… Good music is good music, and that should be enough for anybody” , you people saying that this is garbage are full of crap, you swear like all the music you listen too isn’t going to be deemed “garbage” or “horrible” by someone else, if this is the way this group of artists want to express themselves, let them be!

  • Ben Wade

    I seem to recall Eminem spittin about raping women, killing his daughters mother and what not on what his first 3 albums all of them are classics and he is considered one of the best rappers to do it. I understand where everyone is coming from on the content but dude got a Lil Big L in him and we all know he was a beast nobody questioned him saying he would rape Christ did they. This is like watching ya Grandpa and his friends sitting on the porch talking about how far they use to walk to get to school or some bs..It is what it is GOOD CRAZY STRANGE MUSIC..lol

  • 09allday

    fuck all of yoU!

  • AV

    Odd Future is the shit. Tyler the creator is the shit. SWAG

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2011/05/tyler-the-creator-reacts-to-goblin-leak/ Cocain

    Too all the haters; Their making money

  • LilB

    I fucking love OFWGKTA, and I have since the Dena Tape dropped, but they are definitely Horrorcore, regardless of what they say they are. Horrorcore is characterized by dark lyrics reminiscent of what is seen in horror movies, and much of odd future’s work defines that. They just don’t want the association of Necro and ICP and shit like that. Just because an artist wants his art to be viewed as unique doesn’t mean it is. Don’t dickride on everything Tyler says, a lot of it is some ignorant bullshit entitlement trip stuff.



  • RacecaR

    I know that most people don’t care anymore and that they are going to curse me out for saying this stuff. No wonder this country is messed up, when people listen to this kind of music with profanity, sexual garbage and violence, they think it is all right. First of all don’t give me that crap about freedom of speech, freedom of speech is not about behaving or acting like this, if the founding fathers who wrote the freedom of speech found out that it would end up like this they would be devastated. When I look at the kids today they all have filthy things coming out of their mouth with no respect for anyone, sleeping around with everyone, no wonder half of them are suffering from STD’s and other sexual diseases. This kind of crap has to stop, again I know you want to curse or beat the hell out of me, but I know that there are still decent people out there who think that this kind of stuff Is wrong and it is wrong. We have taken freedom of speech and threw it in a toilet ball with raw sewage swimming around it. The way society is going the way it is (Lack of respect, STD’s, Violence, Divorces, anything goes and nothing is wrong any more) imagine how bad it is going to be in another 25 years, we have to change our ways and become decent with high morals or this country is going to go down. Again I know most of you reading this don’t give a crap and are laughing at me really hard, but that’s the truth.

  • Hello

    ”Listen To The Fuckin Music Before You Put It In A Box” – Tyler The Creator