Tyler, the Creator Not Arrested, LAPD Says

Tyler, the Creator’s marketing tactics have apparently drawn the attention of law enforcement.

Based on tweets and photos posted on his Twitter account, it seems that the 20-year-old Odd Future rapper/producer had a run-in with the law on Tuesday (May 10) while promoting his new album, Goblin, outside of Westchester High School in Los Angeles.

Just before the incident, Tyler tweeted about his makeshift street team: “Its Mexicans Outside Of Fairfax; Palisades; Westchester Selling GOBLIN; Oranges; An Exclusive Tee And You Can Get A Wristband For The Show.”

The emcee then posted pictures of an officer placing him in handcuffs and confiscating his skateboard. [See above]

He followed up with a series of expletive-laden tweets aimed at police, including “I Can Not Wait To Perform FUCK THA POLICE Tonight” along with “I Have A Great Lawyer.”

After his supposed run-in with the law, Tyler managed to make it to his show in West Hollywood, where he tweeted about the lack of females.

When reached for comment the Pacific Division station told XXLMag.com that they had no record of any arrest on file.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com as the story develops. —Lauren Carter

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  • el rey

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    you can get arrested and get let go and nothing has to be on file. I’ve seen it happen before. So before you talk your shit, know your facts faggots. IT’S OF BUTTERCUP. FREEARL.

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  • tim

    Police confirmed that he was detained, but not arrested or charged. So you need to get on point with the articles or else all the Drake and BoB fans are gonna come in here and call this shit fake.

  • Phuc.Yew

    Just another wanna be Necro.

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