Snoop Wants to Make “Hood” X-Factor

Snoop Dogg, citing the success of televised musical talent contests, has revealed plans to produce a hip-hop version of The X Factor. Saying that The X Factor and American Idol are “great shows,” Snoop wants to create a version with a little more street savvy and find hip-hop’s next big star.

“I’m looking for a deal from a network to find America’s hottest hood artists,” Snoop said at a London press conference flanked by smoke and pole dancers, adding that he hopes to make the show “straight directed to the hood… at people with no money, just talent.”

In the UK to perform a show in support of his recent Doggumentary album, Snoop also teased an idea to start a supermarket chain (called “Snoopermarkets,” of course) and basked in the glory of some recent acting success.

Snoop recently appeared in a cameo role in the Antonio Banderas movie The Big Bang. The film opened last Friday (May 20) and is currently in theaters. —Carter Maness

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  • 50′s BACK!!!

    xxlmag stays with the exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!!

    • Dead President

      ^^^ somebody better block this mothafukka ^^^

  • R.E.D

    You gotta love Uncle Snoop!

    • Spacebrownie

      Oohwee! Fasheezie, S.N double O.P D.O double G still on point, he knows how to take care of his nephews nah mean?

  • samir hamid

    My favourite uncle

  • Adrenalin


  • jay

    all that thc has rotted his brain. Just what does snoop mean by hood. and how do I know if I’m “hood” enough. Is drug dealing and gangbanging a requirement?

  • Nigga Black

    this nigga done lost his fuckin mind! What hip hop needs is some fuckin authenticity.Not more bullshit (non)reality shows!
    Hip Hop needs some real artists rather than all these self obsessed celeb wannabes! Everybody trying to be famous, they don’t even care how or why.