Over the weekend, Internet hackers broke into the Web site of the US public service broadcaster, PBS, and published a fake article claiming that Tupac Shakur was alive and living in New Zealand.

The Guardian UK reports that a group named Lulz Boat has taken responsibility for the attack. The cyber-terrorists tried to trick the public into believing the rap legend, who was murdered in Las Vegas 15 years ago, was alive as retribution for a document Frontline ran recently about the Web site WikiLeaks and the site’s founder Julian Assange. Not only was the false story on the deceased MC posted, but PBS also claims that other sites in their network, including NewsHour and Frontline “remain under attack by hackers”.

While the article on 'Pac was taken down from the broadcaster’s site, login information was published online. "From our point of view, we just see it as a disappointing and irresponsible act,” said David Fanning, the executive producer of the PBS Frontline programming. PBS is currently working to restore normal service.—Nicole LoPresti