LL Cool J Rep Denies Transexual Encounter

The Internet went crazy today (May 6) when a transexual named Toni Newman, claimed that she had sex with rap legend LL Cool J. [Listen above] The hip-hop veteran’s manager, Claudine Joseph, vehemently denied the accusations to XXLMag.com, calling them “pure comedy.”

Newman recently appeared on Santillian and the Wild Out Wake-Up Show on 102-Jamz in Greensboro, North Carolina. During the 15-minute interview, Newman, a woman that was born a man, said that she had sexual relations with Cool J.

“I was a street prostitute and LL picked me up, back as a street prostitute walking the block what we called trannie now,” she alleged. “There were lots of trannies walking that block, late at night back in the days. That’s how we all made our money….that was in the late ’90s, so about 13 years ago.”

Newman went on to say that LL was aware that she was a man, and they had sex. She claimed the former Def Jam MC paid her $500.

Along with Cool J, Newman writes about her experiences with several other famous figures like Hot 97 DJ, Mister Cee (who was recently arrested for indecent exposure with a drag queen in New York City), Eddie Murphy and others. Her book, I Rise: The Transformation of Toni Newman, is currently on stands. —Elan Mancini

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  • Donte

    lmao!!!!!!! nothing to say smh

  • Leyla


  • Fallen Angel

    No surprise here… Lots of those well homophobic rappers love a bit of c**k when they think no one is looking. I worked in the music biz here in the UK and at least one rapper used to send out people to bring in under-age rent boys.

    • zayzkidd

      Name the rapper…

      • Fallen Angel

        No I might put it in my book when I write my memoires and where would my exclusivity be then :)

  • bk

    TL Cool J

  • ron from the block

    dis nigga gay cuz dats why he always be lickin his lips FAGGET!!

  • The1987Kid

    This shit is wild, these rap dudes are getting expose but it is also a double edged sword u don’t know rather to believe it but at the sametime this has been a rumor for almost 20 years about how some of the dudes are part of the cream team (not the money boys lol)

  • Adele

    Amazing how people are so ready to believe this type of garbage. I mean who is this person saying this anyway? And oh..big surprise, s/he’s trying to sell a book no one would be interested in otherwise.

  • realnigga

    this is see-through……A PROMOTIONAL TOOL……if that was the case why wait 13 damn years to speak on it????? Although I personally believe alot of these rappers and musicians are undercover homo’s……Hey I love pussy, They love dick…..to each his own

  • e

    I dont know who is lying or telling the truth, but one thing for sure and two for certain, you cant put it past anyone, even LL. LL has been in the game for over twenty years and has had every type of women that exists. any kind of pussy you think of, you dont think he gets bored too. It may be promotional but it also could be the TRUTH and LL is lying. who knows. They are human and will try different things. think about all the real women this guy has had in his life, pussy is probably played out to this nigga,

    • nigg@ please

      nigga are you saying its okay for him to be gay just cause he has gotten so much cat??? dont make excuses for that nigga, if he is gay then he’s just gay. not because of some pussy overload….

    • aswan

      @ e ur an idiot! a real man wants all the pussy he can get. if im bored i just dont fuck that day! i dont have thoughts of fuckin a homo!

  • James

    Who fucking cares dude whether he did or didn’t? Oh, and ron from the block, go fuck yourself.

  • e

    Nigga if i was saying its “ok” you would have saw the word “ok” in my comment. No, thats not what Im saying, but what im saying is that people shoudnt think because he is LL that it aint true. I dont put it past him. (did you read where i said that)?!?!

    Im not making excuses nigga, if he gay he gay. what Im saying that its probably true that this nigga like dick.

  • Stacks

    “Thats a bitch move, somethin a homo rapper would do, so when you say that you platinum, you only droppin clues” – Canibus

  • Ezekiel

    Looks like Canibus was right

  • ra

    if it is true what does it really matter? the nigga legendary,vouched by YOUR favorite rapper,bitches love him,he top 20 greatest all time….michael jackson was accused of child molestationwayne kissed baby,r. kelly was accused of child molestation,ross was a correctional officer,TI is accused of snitchin,plies isn’t a real gangsta….lol…i’m done.

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  • http://www.justice.gov.za Tshilidzi

    Life of the rich n famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nehemiah

    This guy/girl is bullshit. Like he would have had to pay a hooker for sex in the early 90s. He probably had a dozen groupies a day lol I aint a fan or Stan of LL but this story smells like shit.

  • i get the feeling

    he (she) is going to be treated like the karrine steffans of pt. deuce. this is salacious stuff for gossip mongers. honestly i understand if one wants to write a book on his story. i dont know if it is true or isnt i dont care as its is none of my business i just hope ppl realize that these men have families. and also the author and all parties involved are going to be affected one way or the other. so when ppl go around bashing any of them that is something to keep in mind. as many ppl have a hard time accepting gay black men. especially in hip hop.

  • http://www.1latham.com Dennis C. Latham

    How can anyone believe a male prostitute turned woman ?

    This is evil and wicked – from jump … although it might be true – I don’t believe all of it – and it is probably just ourt for attention and money

  • TOC


  • JtD

    No proof is needed? Even so, what if he did have sex with an impersonator? He’s still LL….great rapper, musician, actor…successful Black man.

  • Ric

    Telling the “Tea” on those who feel that they are above the “scrutiny” of answering for their actions, just goes to show you that NO ONE is above having the LIGHT shined in your face.

  • Vanevia

    I been knew that nigga was gay as hell so this is of no surprise 2 me! plus he is so cool wit rockin the bologna face thats 2 attract men!

  • j rose

    ll cool j was outted by terrance dean in his book hiding in hip hop and terrance is ex mtv executive and ll cool j was outted by ian halperin of iamundercover.com in 2009 as being bisexual and he found 4 sources to confirm ll cool j is bisexual and now there is a book coming out from ex def fam person about inside def jam about ll cool j and russell simmons. listen folks as a woman i like to hear the facts and go from there. LL cool j and his son especially his first son has been rumored for to be bisexual for years. Now toni newman a transgender woman says she had 1 time encounter and only 1 time and never made contact again. Her other 2 exposures have said nothing and both been involved with transgenders and dj mister cee has confirmed he knows her. So how likely is it she gets 2 out 3 right and not 1 comment from both of these and made up ll cool j for 1 time. Remember this guy admits over 10 years ago he was sex addict and doing drugs and heavy partier. Get high enough and you wll try anything 1 time. I have been around hip hop for years and i have seen things with my own eyes that most people would not believe. I read the book I rise by toni newman and she did not mention any one by name only the word rapper.

    People wake up
    Dont be fooled by these undercover freaks
    they will play you
    and laugh all the way to bank

  • janice thompson

    the author terrance dean wrote about ll cool j in his book Hiding in Hip Hop and author ian halperian wrote about ll cool being bisexual and now there is new book coming out by def jam former person about ll cool j and russell simmons being bisexual. Transgender toni newman said 1 time with ll cool j and he was/is sex addict and party with drugs and cheated on his wife many times. He has cheated on his wife and almost lost his marriage but you guys dont believe he is bisexual. He works on his body constantly and loves to be admired. I appreciate his works and music but lets cut the bs and get to the truth. He says this is pure comedy not I AM LL COOL J AND I AM NOT BISEXUAL AND I HAVE NEVER HAD ANY TYPE OF BISEXUAL ENCOUNTERS. That is what i am waiting for from his manager claudine and his lawyer martin singer. Lets cut the bs and say it that he is not and was not ever bisexual ever and he has never been with same sex at any time. Eddie Murphy has made no comment and Hot 97 dj mister cee has made no comment but he has acknowledged he knows transgender toni newman. So you tell me 2 out 3 says nothing and 1 admits he knows her but ll cool j is innocent.

    The truth baby the truth.

  • k. wilson

    transgender toni newman has taken 2 polygraph tests and agreed to take a 3rd if necessary. why dont ll cool j do an interview and say hi i have never been with a man of any type and i am totally straight and always been straight. His manager and his lawyer say pure comedy but i dont hear ll cool j saying anything. If someone said this about me i would come out and say yo i dont do men, never did a man, never had bisexual sex and this is complete lie and take a polygraph tests and kill this.

    his son najee is flaming queen and 2 boys already said that had sex with him and now daddy ll cool j cant come clean. His wife simone knows what she got at home and what he will do when he get his drink and drugs on.

    she has said nothing either. this thing was in magazines, on tv and on internet and nobody said nothing. Yeah right he aint bisexual.

    are you people stupid?
    he says nothing
    nobody says nothing

  • william

    that is real
    why would a real straight guy not come out and say i have never been with a man ever and never do a man?

    I am not bisexual and never had bisexual sex and i have never had bisexual sex and thats that

    His manager has not said that either
    my client is heterosexual and he has never had any type of bisexual sex

    his wife should say my husband is totally straight and he told me he has not had any type bisexual sex

    you are right nobody says shit

    silence is golden

    what will they say when the def jam book comes out?


  • http://www.cheese.com susan sulsa

    We stumbled over here by a different web page and thought I should check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to checking out your web page repeatedly.

  • Mark

    L.L. may be successful as a rapper/actor but he did sellout and not to mention he was already exposed way back in 1986 from a female rapper Evette who responded to L.L’s diss record Dear Yvette on the Radio album and replied with Evette’s Revenge and L.L. didn’t respond to it at the time. Silence is golden, silent rivers run deep and silence is consent. L.L. has always been a faggot before but that it what perpetuated him in the music industry and becoming the first artist to make a platinum and double platinum albums at ages 16 and 18. His success came with a price so people will see L.L. as an icon in Hop Hop and the first sex symbol for ladies to admire but in reality he swings on both sides of the fence with his sexuality making him a bisexual man who is married.

  • Mark

    Remember L.L. Cool J didn’t defend himself by squashing the allegations so his non response confirms to his inadvertent admission to guilt. Canibus stated these same facts on his diss records towards L.L. Cool J with Second Round K.O. and the finising blow with Rip The Jacker all because L.L. Cool J has a huge ego starting battles that he cannot win nor finish and it was crushed especially Kool Moe Dee. Like I said he maintained longevity throughout his career making record sales and becoming an actor but he compromised his true sense of self by perpretrating as a straight heterosexual man while having sexual tendencies and innuendos with the same sex or transgender preferences to keep as a secret lifestyle but he got exposed and admits nothing because he knows it’s all true.