Kanye Charges $1 Mil for Bar Mitzvah

How much is too much to pay for a Kanye West performance? For former NBC Universal executive Jeff Zucker, the answer is $1 million.

According to the New York Post, That’s the price that West quoted the powerful media personality when he tried to tap him for a set at his son’s bar mitzvah over the weekend.

Zucker decided to a go a different route, still dropping a whopping $250,000 on the Saturday night (May 7) event at Manhattan’s Four Seasons and hiring Young Money recording artist Drake to fill-in for West. Drake, one of the few mainstream rappers that identifies as Jewish, seemed to be the perfect fit for the event, which included attendees like Katie Couric, as well as a photo booth, plentiful food options and customized Converse sneakers as gifts.

Kanye West is currently prepping his Jay-Z collaboration, Watch The Throne, while Drake took a break from recording his second album, Take Care, to play the event. —Carter Maness

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  • moreffa

    Kanye shudda went to get the kosher jew paper and rocked a jesus piece to the Bar Mitzvah for $850.000 K

  • EReal

    I wouldn’t spend a dollar to have Kanye coonin up my son’s bar mitzva. real talk.

  • miles

    thats one of the most hilarious comments ive ever read ereal

  • miles

    why not pay like…what? 20k maybe? to have best rapper alive there?? TECH N9NE!!!

  • Sam

    These Rappers already make soo much money, you don’t gotta ask for 1 mil. thats ridiculous, do it out of the good of your heart for somewhere around 60,000

  • Face Phoenix

    Did anyone think that Kanye quoted the ridiculous fee just because he DIDN”T want to do that show? Nothing says I politely decline to be your “bitch for the night” like asking for too much money.

  • petey

    jews aint got no goodness in their hearts……..free palestine.

  • Sam

    Fuck Palestine

  • Sam

    Fuck palestine and fuck you too Petey

  • G3

    the reason he charged so much is cuz hes busy with watch the throne so if hes gunna take time off it he wants it to be worthwhile

  • egyle

    fuck the three of you, fuck drake, fuck the fuckin fuck who fuckin comments on the bullshit nicki minaj sex tape on every fuckin post kill yourselves with a plastic bag you fucks!

  • Sam

    egyle, chill the fuck out, u just commented……