Joe Budden: “I Never Hit Esther Baxter”

In the latest chapter of the Joe Budden-Esther Baxter breakup saga, Budden has taken to the airwaves to deny allegations that he physically abused the former video vixen.

As previously reported, Baxter came forward in an interview with and claimed the Slaughterhouse rapper beat her during their relationship and caused her to have a miscarriage.

Last night, Budden told Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97 that Baxter’s story is completely false. “If the subject matter were true at all, then I’d have been sitting there like anybody else saying ‘Jesus, this guy’s a monster, this guy’s the devil here on earth,’” he said. “But nah, it’ s a bunch of lies. Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies. For the record, just so we’re totally clear, I never hit Esther. Never, ever, ever, ever.”

Bossip also obtained photos depicting the alleged abuse, which Budden said were fabricated.  “These are photos that she had texted me at some point or another,” Budden said. “When she was sending them to me I was like ‘Oh, this is a bunch of nonsense. Like these are altered. There’s something not adding up with these photos.’ Like I said, common sense cures a lot of this. I’m a man, right. Even if I didn’t have any strength at all, if I woulda beat you, you’d be in the ER. Something would be broke, something would be hurt. It’d be a little more than your little makeup that you’re putting on your stomach and your neck and taking pictures of it. It’d be a little more than that.”

Budden also said the court document that recorded the alleged abuse is based on lies. “They put a picture up there of these court documents, and the court documents make me out to sound like a monster,” Budden said. “But all it is, is her going to the precinct saying ‘I want to file this, this is what happened,’ they write it down, and that’s it. Whatever she says goes on the paper. It doesn’t really say too much. She was in the courtroom with me holding hands dropping the charges.”

Budden said it’s common sense that if he actually did beat Baxter, she wouldn’t have gotten back together with him after the supposed brawl. “You don’t do all the things that she says that I did and then come right back to the same man,” he said.

Budden mocked Baxter’s sit-down with Bossip, calling it a “Barbara Walter-ish interview with the dramatic ‘Full House’ theme music in the background” and dubbing Baxter a “good actress,” but said the topic of domestic abuse is no laughing matter.

“Like I said, that subject matter’s very serious,” he said. “It’s not anything to joke around about.” —Lauren Carter

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  • Rap

    Don’t know what to believe, I love Joe’s music, but that would be terrible.

  • SMH

    3 ladies that have come out saying Joe Budden beat them. Gloria Velez, Tahiry, & now Esther Baxter. Are they ALL Lying???? I THINK NOT. Plus Gloria and Esther have photos. And this knucklehead Joe budden rapped about hitting Tahiry and now has a song about Esther saying he “thinks” he might be the reason Esther has a miscarriage. JOE BUDDEN IS AN EPIC FAIL!!!

    • Really?

      And what do all these women have in common? They’re all gold digging video hoes that dated a rich man for his money very believable. People like you are the main victims they get money from….

  • crystallee

    xxlmag stays with the exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!!

  • Jack Tripper

    “I’m a man, right. Even if I didn’t have any strength at all, if I woulda beat you, you’d be in the ER. Something would be broke, something would be hurt.”

    That shit don’t make no sense. I believe ol’ girl was telling the truth. Joey Jumpoff really fucked up good. Dude… fucked up. You’s a dumb ass to put all your business in the streets. That nigga stays loosing.

  • Sam

    I think women need to stop chasing fame and money cos all of that aint gonna bring you happiness.See where it got you esther miscarriage and getting your ass whipped.You need a down to earth guy to complete your life not broke ass rapper like joe budden.Dat nigga than felll off and wouldn’t even make the top 100 mc’s in the game.

  • lb

    How rich is Joe anyway? When has ever been the ish, underground our mainstream? Isn’t he coming out with a news album soon anyway? Bad attention is still attention and he is probably capitalizing on that in order to become relevant again, outside of banging dimes.

  • TonyRoME

    gloria velez never said joe hit her u chump

  • anutha_level

    that’s why you gotta get a regular brawd…fuck these video hoes/athlete chasers, etc. they ALWAYS have an agenda…get regular, nice looking, hard working independent women. fuck a trophy…

    Joe is caught up in a cycle of fickle hoes…insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. change ya circle up man….



  • Truth Hurts

    Sooo Joe Budden claim that he didn’t hit her but refrained from saying he “did NOT cause ANY bodily harm to Esther”… Another thing is how do you explain the huge marks on her throat, and side stomach area, he claims she put make-up on to make it look like he hit her but what MAN (in their right mind) would go back to holding hands after that??? and later Joe mentions that “You don’t do all the things that she says that I did and then come right back to the same man,” when in FACT most battered woman do JUST THAT they make excuses and go back due to emotional attachment.. Perhaps if Joe had any proof vs all of her proof I’d believe him.. ex.. If he had secretly recorded a phone convo of them decussion the situation and she revealed “yeah I put that make-up on” then sure I’d support Joe Budden all day, but in this case he has not one single piece of evidence.

  • fastflipper

    budden top 5 doa

  • Rama22

    Budden luv’s them video ho’s………can’t blame dude tho!

  • Phoenix

    An accused woman beater being interviewed by a proven woman beater. How cute. Are ya’ll really surprised? Yes, part of the problem is the women, but you can’t really tell me that you believe that he does not have problems, and that it’s ALL the women’s fault. He’s batting 0 out of 3.

  • 806cru

    joes a fukk nigga, get the fuk out the game you lame ass nigga