Joe Budden doesn't hesitate to get personal in his music, so it came as no surprise when he went into detail about his relationship gone wrong with Esther Baxter. Early this morning (May 3), the Slaughterhouse member released the song "Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 3." On it, he discusses his relationship with the former video vixen in depth and recounts the events surrounding their breakup.

"I ain't attack you, bitch I was restrainin' you/But you was wifey, though I understand it was not a game/Could you imagine my surprise when the cops came/Handcuffed me, you pressed charges/But I made bail," he rhymes early on. As a result, Baxter was given control for a week of the house they shared, and Budden in turn stayed with former girlfriend, Tahiry. He also says that Baxter cheated on him with NFL running back Derrick Ward. The Jersey rhymer also says that she was pregnant with his identical twins.

This morning, Joe spoke with The Breakfast Club on New York's Power 105.1. He further discussed the song and explained that he's back in his home.

Budden and Baxter also aired their issues out on Twitter this morning.

"FYI ppl there were NO abortions involved! I don't kill babies but SOMEBODY does...." Esther wrote. "AND!??? NEVER denied being pregnant TWICE!! but that was months KNOW what happened to our daughter don't you!!?? Documented proof speaks volumes!!! You can put out pics of me naked!! But I have pics of abuse and death!!! Try me!!"

"If u know her, & u care about her well being... Tell that bitch to chill... Not today," Joey wrote.