Jermaine Dupri Sued for Child Support

Jermaine Dupri might be a storied record executive and producer, but that won’t help him in his case of failure to pay child support payments. This recent revelation comes courtesy of an Atlanta mother that had Dupri’s child, successfully sued him for paternity and was promptly left in the dust afterwards. She filed a secondary suit a few months ago for back pay and negligence.

According to E! News, Dupri neglected payments to plaintiff Sarai Jones after a Fulton Country Superior Court judge, Margaret Dorsey, ordered him to pay $2,500 per month with an additional $7,500 to care for the couple’s seven-month-old child.

Jones’ lawyer claims that the secondary suit was a last resort, but Dupri has left his client no choice. “She wants to resolve it without having to go to court and work together with him to raise their child,” Jones’ lawyer, Randy Kessler, said in a statement. “She has nothing negative to say about him.”

The new suit comes at an bad time for Dupri, though. WSB-TV recently unveiled records from the Department of Revenue that show Dupri owes the state of Georgia more than $493,000 in back taxes. He also narrowly avoided the auction of a home that had been in foreclosure and was set to be sold on his local courthouse steps by a law firm. No reason was revealed for the cancellation of the sale. —Carter Maness

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  • Scoob & Scrap Lover

    Money ain’t a thang! What happened to that? Pay yo bills!

  • Purple Walls

    It was all good just a week ago!

  • Junior Mafia

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  • DV

    “JD also apparently owes the state of Georgia hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes…”

    again nigga? you aint learn form the last time they put your ass on TV?

    “those who dont learn from the past are doomed to repeat it”

  • anutha_level

    STRAP up……or ANTE up nigga.

    what did you expect from raw-dawgin, then creampie’n a fukkin stripper???

    C’MON Son!!!! u supposed to be a vet in the game!

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  • deshawn

    What I can’t understand is how the hell he get’s away without paying Child support I miss one payment and them MotherFucker looking for me? feed ur kids man feed ur kids………

    • Los Angelez Angelz

      It’s the legal system, if you have high priced legal representation, you can skate through stuff most other americans can’t. It’s called “Justice”………or not.

  • POT

    If the child is yours, do what’s right, man up.There are many reasons people do what they do, but don’t do what was done to you. God has been good to you, he came in your time of need, it’s better to give than to receive. Live with no regrets, you are now being put to the test. GOD bless, raise above the temptations of life. and only thin you will know the veil has been removed, so you can see the light, just do what’s right. Mark 10:47