Game’s Manager Breaks Silence on Arrest [XXcLusive]

Last week, news broke that James Rosemond, CEO of Czar Entertainment and longtime manager to The Game, was issued a federal arrest warrant stemming from an alleged connection to a cocaine distribution scheme. The New York Post reported that Rosemond, who also reps singer Sean Kingston, was missing after being indicted for his supposed role in the case (the exact charges have not been disclosed as of press time). Jimmy Rosemond will turn himself in today (May 23), but before he does he offered an exclusive statement where he defended his innocence:

With the name of God, the gracious, the merciful I have decided to break my silence to address slanderous media once and for all. Firstly, I want to apologize to every music artist and executive I’ve worked with. In addition, I apologize to my family and friends who have had to endure this horrible situation.

“The events over the past week, to say the least, have caught me off guard. Although I have been aware of an investigation taking place over the last four years, I was never informed that an arrest warrant had been issued in my name. I first learned about that warrant through the media when the news was released last week.

“The purpose of this statement is not to assert some kind of grandiose conspiracy theory, but I will state some facts. These prosecutors have already begun my trial through the media and I’m releasing this statement in order to set the record straight. I just want a fair trial. I came up from nothing and made some mistakes early in my life of which I have already served time. Since then I have worked hard to establish my career in the music industry only to be targeted by these opportunistic prosecutors with a personal vendetta against me.

“I would like to expose the two prosecutors spearheading this slanderous and trumped up case against me. The first, prosecutor Todd Kaminsky, is a 33-year-old White hip-hop head that if he weren’t a lawyer he would probably be a member of the Beastie Boys [and the] second, Carolyn Porkony, failed in convicting the Murder Inc. Gotti brothers on trumped-up charges of money laundering. Both have a personal stake in pursuing me and will stop at nothing to bring down an innocent man.

“I have endured slanderous media for quite some time. Last year, in their frustration, they employed Chuck Phillips and the Daily News to write baseless stories in the media saying I was a snitch (but never mentioned or produced one person I ‘snitched’ on) to hopefully get people to start cooperating with their bogus investigation. Chuck Phillips started a campaign against me and wrote dozens of letters to inmates serving considerable time in federal prison begging them to cooperate. When those tactics didn’t work, they subpoenaed every person that knew me or worked with me in the music industry, including my accountants, lawyers, secretary, etc.

“What compels me to expose this is that I know if I don’t, I will not get a fair trial. Todd Kaminsky is hanging his hat on this case and has gone beyond his office to make sure he sensationalizes this to propel himself to some high-end law firm or political office. This is obvious from the deals he has already given his ‘witnesses’ to testify against me. Henry “Black” Butler, a known rolling 60’s gang member, and wife Leah Daniels who are Kaminsky’s star ‘witnesses’ were arrested with drugs and machine guns in Los Angeles. Butler was promised five years and his wife got her case dismissed in exchange for implicating me in their operation. I know nothing of Butler’s criminal activities and was never involved with him concerning those criminal activities. I just know him as a self-proclaimed gangbanger who told jokes all the time and worked for Loud Records in the 90’s. They leaked all this false information about me to the media and left out the truth that Henry Butler denied my involvement until he was promised a reduced sentence of five years if he included me in his operations. There’s absolutely no evidence that supports my involvement in any of this, yet I have been implicated with someone I have no associations with. Through our own investigations, we have compiled a lot of information that proves the prosecutors are overly zealous and aggressive, not to mention unconstitutional. They gave witnesses immunity and have gone as far as to threaten individuals with indictments if they didn’t talk to them about me and corroborate their tales. For instance, Ali “Zo” Adam, whose serving 18 years was offered a lesser sentence and the witness protection program if he testified against me. He refused saying he couldn’t live with the lie but admitted he was tempted by the offer. Many were tempted with the prospect of freedom and hence a case with no evidence was born against me. THIS IS NOT JUSTICE.

“Khalil Abdullah’s indictment was leaked in the media as well. I never saw my name on that indictment, and I don’t know what I have to do with whatever he’s been indicted for. Up to now I don’t know what I may be charged with or what crime I’ve committed. For the last 10 years I’ve dedicated myself to servicing the music community but because of my so-called ‘checkered past’, I’ve become an easy target for prosecutors Todd Kaminsky and Carolyn Porkony, not to mention fiction writers like Chuck Phillips and his Daily News cohorts.

“If the government is relying on informants like Winston “Winnie” Harris, a convicted drug dealer and Jamaican deportee, who came to me and motioned via hand signal that he was forced to wear a wire and begged me to skip town, or Dexter Isaac who is serving life in prison plus 30 years, then I’m sure I will not be offered a fair trial. Where’s the real proof that I have committed these crimes? I just want my fair trial and to not be railroaded as they so eagerly want to do.

“A fair trial is afforded by the constitution and witnesses should be forthright without pressure or duress. That’s all I want and I’ll turn myself in today.

Again, I apologize to my peers, artists and family for being subjected to all of this.”

Stay tuned to as more on this story unfolds. —Jesse Gissen

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  • Griffin

    (NO)Game is a FAKE ass BITCH!

  • gman

    griffin swALLOWS.. this article is not even about the game n u bring his name up get off his dick why dont ya

    • Griffin

      Yo Douchebag.
      The first word of the headline is GAME and there’s a fuckin picture of him. What you don’t see in the picture though is your fuckin’ gay ass suckin’ him off.
      Eat a dick, cocksucka!

      • Err no

        Did you read the fucking article or did you just look at the title and picture, it is not about game its about his manager you fucking cripple

    • Jmaie

      I think someones just been looking at the pictures and has forgotten his education – this is not about Game

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  • SC

    My thoughts exactly. Why r u bringin up Game? This has nothin 2 do with him.

  • smid

    lol @ Rosemond trying to expose people and spelling their name wrong.. its spelled Carolyn Pokorny.

  • JR2JR

    At times we rush to judge others without cause. I am family and I am hurt. I will continue to pray and ask God to help us through this again. Much love and respect, you can count on blood to see you through. We will see how real the haterz are once they get up from behind the screen (mano-a-mano). J you are so influential in their lives that they sit around surfing for moments like this to express themselves, because otherwise dementia and depression sets in with fustration. God knows your heart and what this is all about, be faithful – be you.


    • zebrahead


  • Judge

    He’s known for being a snitch. Justice will be served and he’ll rot in a jail cell. Also this guy is the manager of Sean Kingston. For that crime alone he should do some hard time.

  • purehatred

    “Promised a payback, Jimmy Henchman, in due time
    I know you bitch niggas is listenin, The World Is Mine” – makaveli

  • Rob Reed

    that ninja Henchman the police, and when Pac did that song,”realist s*it I ever wrote” it was a lot of truth to it…..

    • http://xxlmag RuckNYC

      He called Haitian Jack a snitch not Henchmen. People need to get they facts straight.

  • p

    I know what the feds do. 6-US Marshals came to Miami to my house looking for him and after the game playing, I told them that how they broke into his home in Brooklyn without a warrant and hauled off his stuff, terrorizing his Wife and child, as well as other family members and friends. I could fully understand why he bought time to defend himself. One of these Feds told me: “I work for the Government and I don’t trust them either.” The Soviet Union may no longer exist, but there is a new KGB in town.

  • x

    Chuck Philips is correcting the spelling of the prosecutor’s name?

  • Grim

    Jimmy’s a coward. He’ll never turn himself in. He will put others in harms way, risking their freedom, while he flees and hides, abondoning his “friends” and family nstead of facing his own problems like a man.

  • wilecoyote

    Yea , he needs to be a man of his word, turn himself in, then show these fools that they have nothing

  • Big poppa

    maybe his has not turned himself in beacause he is scared, its easy to act tough until the reality sets in, shows people who you really are

  • http://xxlmag RuckNYC

    How is he scared when he been to jail before? Dude is definitely not scared. Ya’ll wasn’t saying Ras Kass was scared when it took him a while to turn his self in. You gotta make sure your business is good and takin care of before you do a stretch.

    • Big poppa

      Ruck i aint being critical, but im sayin hes scared because he came out with this big article saying he was gonna turn himself in, he hasnt yet as far as i know. hes going to face the charges not turn himself in to begin a sentence. But he scared, and everyone know it including himself scared scared scared

  • supercandybrown

    Well everyone has been trying to give Jiimmy Henchman the “snitch label” now he’s been indicted. So does that mean he wasn’t snitching good enough to save his own ass, possibly not snitching at all, or they just didn’t need his services anymore. But if he was “snitching” it will all come out in his federal trial. If this is a frivolous case and Jimmy Henchman is not “snitching” there some top notch federal attorneys in Los Angeles who do “NOT” represent “snitches” that would be honored to take this case. Remember just because an attorney has a license to practice doesn’t mean he knows how to do trials and litigate in that court room. A lot of these attorney’s give you a good song and dance, take your money and up the river you go. First Rule of the Miranda warning. You have the right to remain silent. That means shut the fuck up! anything you say will be USED against you in a court of law. And they ain’t playing. If Jimmy Henchman is being set up by informants and people who need out; they have attorneys that will rip them from asshole to appetite under oath. Better have a Dream Team.

  • http://youtubesupercandybrown Candyce Brown

    So sad, youngsters can’t be founded into the music industry based on their talent alone. Informants hit these youngsters up telling them they can get them signed to a record labels and they can. The only problem is that they’re informants and you don’t know that at the time. Informants need young, gifted and talented artists so they can get up in the industry to try and create crime on some of the older artists. They also need a meal ticket and someone to buy them a new home and car. When you decide you do not want to renew you contract they’re ready to kill you. Sound Familiar!

  • http://youtubesupercandybrown Candyce Brown

    Game where did you get those lyrics on Baby Loon in track number 10? You didn’t get them from Jimmy Henchman and you didn’t even know Baby Loon. Who brought you to Jimmy Henchman to get you signed. There ain’t but one truth in life.
    These informants got young artist running around here like slave drivers. New found Plantation owners and not one of them look like “GOD” but they want you to pray to them. Akon got an informant in his camp right now! Guess Who! Only one truth in life.

  • http://youtubesupercandybrown Candyce Brown

    Puffy had a production called the Band. Now these youngsters were trying to get their unfound, uncrowned, talent founded and some of them truely had talent. Then here comes Puffy calling the youngsters “BITCHES”. There should have been a Don King production Tax that ass for that. Sometimes when you calling other people out of their name; nine times out of ten it’s reflection of yourself. Puffy knows their some brothers out here he never would have called a”BITCH”. If thats how you get into the industry don’t go! If you fall for anything, you stand for nothing.

  • http://youtubesupercandybrown Candyce Brown

    Youngsters you”CAN’T” sign a contract with a so-clled manager or producer just because he can get you a record deal. If you’re not careful; you will be signing your life away, but you will get a record deal. You better do state and federal background checks on these so-called managers and producers before you sign off with the new found “PLANTATION”. If you don’t you’re getting ready to br tossed like a Ceesars salad around this camp. You’ll be looking like Freeway Rick working for the “FEDS” and you the only one that didn’t know. The name of the game is to cover your own ass in life because the Informant manager/producer will have you with your pants dropped wondering what the hell happened!

  • http://youtubesupercandybrown Candyce Brown

    Informants been on the streets for 20 -30 years setting up folks for jack-moves, slaying that thing from state to state. Everyone thats deals with them go to the graveyard or the pen.Flipping brothers out of their life cause you had a price. Youngster you got to check these wanna be OG’s history. How is it that everyone that fools with the under cover informant goes to the pen except him; because he was “snitching” to the end.

  • http://youtubesupercandybrown Candyce Brown

    We really need our own Black and Latin Federal Bureau of investigations. Pick up some of these “Snitches” around; perpetrating, orchestrating and executing all this crime around town. Violating the Bribrey Statute we need to get at you. They get you jacked and then they wanna sell you something back. They commit all the crimes then they go to the “HOODS” looking for youngsters to do the time. They looking for a Presidential Pass at the expense of your ass!

  • http://youtubesupercandybrown Candyce Brown

    Informants have a way of Stepping into your life and showing you what they need of you. Exercising what you can do for them. Fancy cars, living large suddenly they’re talking to you real hard. When they see your strong, your own man, they can’t push you around like a damn fool; then they want to get rid of you. They need folks that they can intimidate, folks that are to feared to speak up for themselves. James Brown said, I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees. And we got brothers who have died on their feet because they refused to bow down on their knees for an informant to show them what the need.

  • http://youtubesupercandybrown Candyce Brown

    Bullies don’t just exist in the school system. Informants are Bullies too. They just enacted a law on Bullies. Why they haven’t enacted laws on informants and the use of them or exercised the Bribery Statute on them. Informants don’t clean up crime in the “Neighbor-Hoods” they create crime to crack and thats a fact. They have so much reign to commit violations, they take down the communities, and they rape your children out of their lives. The community needs their own federal bureau of investigation and take these INFORMANTS down where they belong!

  • doubledown

    everybody sayin he turned himself in, not true he still out and about, he foolin everybody

  • http://youtubesupercandybrown youtube supercandybrown

    History note: Harriet Tubman, Kunta Kente, Dr. King and the movie Shaft all risked their lives for the brother man. They were tired of being enslaved, abused, treated less than human and dog walked throuth the park without their pooper-scooper. The prison systems are the new plantation Block. Informants are out here intercepting the young and innocent for the re-invented plantation owners. We don’t own any boats or airplanes, we don’t control import or export’ so how are we guilty of all these crimes. Do Black people even own gun stores? Where are all these federal assualt guns coming from. We don’t naturally grow coco plants in America and the weed in America is home grown. 2+2 has always equaled 4 not 5. A Black man can barely get a liquor license in America and we’re always popping bottles. All prisons are filled with 90% minorities. Do the math. In slave days we weren’t allowed to read; now days we scared to read; is that a condition bestowed to us from slavery. Our thinking and rap power needs to go beyond Niggaz’s, Bitches and Gats

  • http://youtubesupercandybrown youtube supercandybrown

    We’re short on Doctors and Lawyers with the Penitentiary setting before us; what are we telling our kids; thats just the way that it is, we can’t do better than this, unless we make it in show biz. “BULLSHIT”. Snitches out here pushing lines forcingand tricking youngsters to commit crimes. When these informants set the stage for entrapment they not only bust you but they bust a whole crew. If ten are busted seven are rolling over on you. That keeps the CRI Informant clear and off of the witness stand. Part of an informant’s protection is his name is intentionally left out of federal indictments and sworn affidavits. Then he runs around town saying you ain’t seen my name in no paperwork. When reading paper work look to see whose name is not in the paperwork that should be. Get hold to those profer hearing reports that is where you will find them. Those are usually sealed – Get them unsealed.

  • http://youtubesupercandybrown youtube supercandybrown

    We all loved Tupac and we listened to what he said, but I think informants were trying to get in Tupac’s camp too. Mr. Jimmy Henchman I don’t know if you’re snitchin or not; but there is an old school rule. “Your going to have to catch me before I let you hang me”. When Easy E. said, Fuck the police brothers starting running and they created a law called fleeing the police.

  • wacdatass

    Jimmy better watch it, it always looks better to surrender tahn to be caught. aint nobody he can trust

  • minnie

    Anybody with any type of sense can see that his entire statement is a lie. And to put God in this. Hahaha. God has warned us all about using HIS name in vain. The devil is a liar.

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  • canadagirl

    I have read everything there is on the topic . If your innocent why you runnin.