Download Elzhi’s Elmatic Mixtape Now

XXL and are proud to present Elzhi’s new mixtape, Elmatic, for free download. [Cop it here ***Fixed]

The 10-track offering—which finds the Detroit lyricist paying homage to Nas’s classic debute LP, Illmatic—was produced entirely by Will Sessions. Fellow D-Town MC Royce da 5’9” and Illmatic beatmaker Pete Rock also make appearances.

Fans can pre-order limited edition physical copies of the disc and other merchandise at now. —XXL Staff

View the entire tracklisting below:

1. The Genesis
2. Detroit State of Mind (Houseshoes Shout)
3. Halftime
4. Memory Lane
5. The World Is Yours
6. Represent
7. Life’s A Bitch feat. Royce da 5’9 and Stokley Williams of Mint Condition
8. One Love
9. It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Pete Rock Shout)
10. Pete Rock Shout

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  • Luke

    first!! to say its the hottest mixtape of 2k11.

  • deja-vu

    D O P E …. no competitors expected this year… sorry rappers!!!

    one of the best YET….

  • xxxd

    recognizeee, best mixtape of 2011

  • excalibur

    Simply the best lyricist in hip-hop.His rendition of half-time is better than Nas’.Though his Detriot state of mind is brilliant Nas’ version remains untouchable.Its simply a cardinal sin that people don’t give this musical genius the respect he deserves.Keep doing it for the real hip-hop heads El!

    • Johnny Dawkins

      Politely disagree with the “better than Nas’ version” sentiment.

      Can’t beat the original.

      • sandman

        the nas album is better. its a sin to hear someone say that this is better than the original. go hang yourself for that one bud. he is good lyrical but he’s not as great with imagery. nas is the best.

        • ryan

          hes not saying the whole thing is better, just the halftime song.

  • I Live Hip Hop

    Listening to the mixtape now, all I can say is NICEEEE!!!

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  • maurice

    this shit is just nasty. the live band holds it done, and elzhi lyrics are sharper than ever. dude really is in a class of his own.

  • No Dignity

    His rendition of “The World Is Yours” is a work of art and dare I say musically better than the original. This is amazing stuff.

  • A-Ro of Elekwent Folk

    yuuup. this is dope as hell.

  • M


    Breathtaking. Stupefying. Enlightening. Incomparable.

    It’s a tragedy more people don’t know his name.

    Elzhi is an inspiration.

  • Curt McGirt

    Wow… This is one of the best records I’ve heard in a long fucking time! El and Will Sessions killed this, brought it back to life and murdered it again. Not only does this continue to solidify the genius of Nasir Jones, it also pushes the original joint Illmatic to the upper echelon of musical perfection. Not just rap music people, music period.

    Elmatic>>>>>>>>>>>>98% of everything else in the past year.

  • JimmyI




  • Get Right Music

    Excellent! The creative addition of live instrumentation was perfect.

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  • bldngblck

    yeah, we called this dickridin’ back in my day. inadequate bars hidden by copied nostalgic production. is this what you kids nowadays call dope? just listen to illmatic. shit’s wack, b

    • Curt McGirt

      Slow down fam!

      I think the part you are missing here is the fact that hip hop unlike many other genres was built off covers of great musical works. Jazz, Blues, Classical, Rock, RnB, Latin, etc all fall in line with this process.

      Dickriding is a far fetched assumption because he chose to do Illmatic. This album deserves the type of homage it gets over a decade and a half later. It’s not like lesser cats have done better in their attempts to bite lines in a feeble trying at being relevant.

      This was done better than original albums. I believe it serves a purpose for those who dont really know hip hop but comment on shit they dont have a clue about. Breathe easy, what you smell is fresh air in the form of real music.

      • Curt McGirt

        Not the type to comment to my own comment but I just realized this is an Okaypalayerhater. Never mind… Carry on folks.

    • Bldngblck suffers from grumpy old age

      Back in your day? When exactly was that? Also, people usually wise up as they age, they mature. You got one of those opposite things going on in your mental. Again how old are you? Still calling people “B” hahaha. Grow the fuck up, pull up ya pants man. Old people don’t look too good saggin’ like they still 16.


    I downloaded. Big ups for the free download. I have heard this dude on a few songs before and never had any of his albums. I think he is pretty hard. The album is really good. People need to realize Eminem isnt the only good rapper out of Detroit. Elzhi, Royce, Black Milk, Trick Trick, Kuniva and Swifty are all dope and thats just to name a few.

  • Mando

    For a mixtape i would say 5/5….but if it were a legit album probably a 4.5/5

    Illmatic is my favorite album of all time.Elmatic favorite mixtape of all time.Much love Elzhi

  • Breeze

    Just listened to the entire mix-tape. Mad skillz Elzhi. Keep it moving

  • gstatty

    Easily one of the top 5 out the D, hopefully dude gets the recognition he’s deserved for awhile now.

  • Worth a purchase

    Just finished the mixtape and I am very impressed with it all. Took me back to Illmatic and at the same time kept it Elzhi with his unique style. Props E, I think I’ll purchase this for support of such great talent.

  • http://apo' marv

    I been waiting for this

  • marv

    I been waiting for some one that can actually do justice to this album. Having followed El for the past 10 years he hasn’t failed my ears once and delivered on his promise. How many people wish they could remake/remix their favorite artist work as an homage and can’t. I thank him for doing this just of the strength of own love. Unsung hero for real.

  • Pete Marriott

    Real Talk: If I was Nas and I heard ELmatic, I’d want to say to myself fuck the bullshit and get my Pops, A.Z., Large Professor, L.E.S., Pete Rock, Q-Tip and DJ Premier on the phone and run up in Def Jam’s A&R office like it’s 1993 and tell them I’m making “Illmatic 2″ and y’all corny motherfuckers ain’t stopping me!


    WOW. Dope! Sonically dope too. Great mix. Will Sessions added another element to it. Lyrically, one of the best to do it. CLASSIC remake.

  • MIYA

    This guy is really good but how could you say this is as good or better than Nas. The original is way better end of story.

  • Rap

    Dope shit from Elzhi as usual, but he needs to drop way more shit when he wants to be recognized as one of the best. Also, this is not even close to the original. I can’t listen to this without thinking of Nas’ rhymes. I’d rather hear an all new solo album from him.

  • Haha

    3 years for an illmatic rip-off? LMAO

  • Dj D@wodu

    just a blessing! Thank You Sir!

  • elzhi is a god

    simply genious



  • Shadowapocalypse

    El, you hit the nail on the head duke, straight up. This joint is ILL, for real, no doubt about it. Love the live instrumentation which adds that different element to it that you spoke about in one of your interviews, but it’s still grimey like the original. I hope people just see this album for what it is and just listen to the music. Perfect ode to Nas and Illmatic, couldn’t get any better than this. Please no comparisons people, definitely not necessary. This album should get a lot of younger cats to go and listen to the original joint and enjoy that one too. But man, I’m lovin’ this joint!! Definitely best mixtape I’ve heard in a while! And you are the best emcee doing it right now, period….

    313 in this…


    Str8 Ill Nas need to hear this on the real word to mother.

  • imun

    SUPER DOPE!!!!

  • Donte

    nice mixtape heard the whole thing,but can people leave illmatic alone…i known who he is but please aint this like the 3rd mixtape someone did a tribute to illmatic i know fashawn did it too

  • KillaVanilla

    Elzhi is one of the best MCs for sure. Dope Mixtape! Thank you, El & congrats from Russia )

  • barrywhite

    luv it best shit i heard all year

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  • supermanue

    Downloading from spain

  • Rama22

    This cements Mr Jones legacy……………
    2 many OG’s & up n cumin’ doing their best rendetion of Nasir.

    Nuff said…………………Go 2 sleep!

  • http://aa wasim

    detroit state of mind is a fucking banger

  • rainman

    illmatic is one of the most celebrated hip hop albums and i firmly believe it is the greatest hip hop album ever put to wax. but i also believe that elzhi is the only mc that could possibly do justice to this magnum opus. there is no doubting that the lyrics of this mixtape are absolutely breathtaking. elzhi put his own spin on a classic album and created a classic tribute album himself. the live instrumentals put a twist on the original beats that keep it interesting and new. now is it better than the original? no, but you would have a hard time finding anything that is. so instead of comparing the two i believe this should be considered a companion piece that shows how albums like illmatic have influenced hip hop and that it is still relevent to this day. elzhi is a product of this statement. nas should be proud of this cat. a great project that was well worth the wait. support real mc’s and watch out for his next album the feed. dude is dope

    • Frenk_Goedes

      I totally agree with you Rainman, and its such a bummer that its so rare… maybe not but one things for certain – Elzhi placed himself on the top shelve

  • francis nasim

    thats fabolous in the afterlife.

  • Frenk_Goedes

    Jesus Christ, Now I can imagine how it must’ve been in ’94 when Nas dropped Illmatic – i just love the twist he’s giving to the beats… Nas’ original untouchable – Elzhi touched it with loads of respect!

    Probz from Holland! We know the name! ELZHI

  • Basedgod

    this shit is kinda wack dont nobody wanna hear this dusty ass bullshit. on another note, lil b new mixtape go HARD

  • La Fours


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  • Sola_O

    Elzhi IS THE SH*T!!!!!

  • BnL


    Now if only I could get my hands on the instrumentals..? Pleeeeeease?

  • d

    oh wow wow wow

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  • balaramesh

    this kid is dope. was looking for this mixtape on hiphopdx to download. i knew this kid was dope when he kind of outshined cannibus and royce on the same track.

  • Ayo

    I usually don’t like copy cats. most artist copy and act like its their own. this is more of a tribute to the greatest hip hop album ever and its clever not gimmicky. much respect

  • M.C. Serch

    I am very impressed wtih El’s version of Illmatic. I love El, not just as an emcee, but as a human being. He made feel at home when I came to the D. We would build and he would allow me into his world. This is by far the best mixtape of 2011, up there with KRIT’s. Spread the word
    M.C. Serch
    executive producer

  • No. 1 Nas Disciple

    I’m having problems with silly comments like “its better than the original”. I mean really, how is that possible? A COPY better than an ORIGINAL?!!! Some classics you just don’t touch and Illmatic is one of them. I’m a big fan of Elzhi and I really do appreciate his music but you can’t compare Nas’ Illmatic to sons mixtape. On any level!

    • sam

      This mixtape is dope! love the live instruments! what a great tribute to the classic!

  • B-more

    Thanks for keeping the art form going and paying tribute to a fellow artist. Reminds me of how the great Jazz musicians payed homage to one another while at the same time elevating the craft.

  • Ghetto GODfather

    The live instruments brought this over the top. I don’t think any other rapper could have pulled this off but eLZhi. Great homage to pay to NaS!

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  • dj majestik

    this should get 7mics -stars-crowns- etc. etc fiyah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow!!!

    This is nothing more than a knock off of Nas’ entire style. These artists will never get the respect they want if they have to remake someone elses’ original work. Nas has evolved as an artists and these copy cats are still trying to gain attention from his work 20 years ago. Where is Elzhi’s original CLASSIC? Why is he trying to capture fame off of Nas’ work…where is his own masterpiece? LOL…20 yrs later and niggas still walking in Nas shadow. Elzhi has been in the game long enough to have created attention off his own work but here he is riding Nas.

  • augustqueenly


  • Auralise

    I dont like any modern hip hop/rap. Totally love this! Nas would be proud!

  • NEwYork State of mind

    dope for sure , especially how they use the beats beyond the scope of just what it was meant for. Lyrically of course his words might out shine Nases illmatic , nas was 16/17 when he did that album ….so again theres no comparison illmatic is a def classic , but so is Elmatic ….remember again Nas was 16 so he still out shines Elzhi but its a great album either way

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  • Devote

    Can’t wait to listen to this! but… 128 kbps? wtf

  • Deezy

    Spittin hot flames! The lyrics, the beats, all dope.

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  • ak

    wow, what an album. elzhi dropped a gem with this one… though based off illmatic, he’s brought some fresh new ideas to the table.. hip hop needed this

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  • nystateofgrind

    Instant classic, he took the layout of the original to the next level…

    • dj linx

      Thats what i’m talkin about!
      I admit, im late up on this, but i’m wildin out like I was when Illmatic first dropped. Elzhi did justice to this project, and its not an easy one to pull off neither.
      good enough for the original legends like Pete Rock, and Premo (who we all know worked on Illmatic) to give it their approvi bet al, its good enough for me.
      Damn, I bet Nas himself is bangin this!

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  • Matti

    This is excellent work. Thank you.

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  • dj linx

    No point in comparing Elzhi’s mixtape to Nas’ album. It’s not meant to outclass the original, it’s a concept mixtape, if anything, its in homage to Nas. Why peeps looking to make it into some competition ish. That’s not the spirit of why it was made.
    In any case, the mixtape on its own merits, is straight fiyah.
    You can’t front on this.

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  • john the baptist

    Its tight

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  • thisguy

    why does the link take you to a pre-order on iTunes? where’s this free download?

  • brandon

    where the fuck is the free download?

  • cikey

    beet 7 froom senegal west afrika show love on u brother jay dilla for ever

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  • O

    how do i download it?

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