DMX to be Released from Prison on July 1, Jail Rep Confirms

It looks like DMX will be home by this summer. According to the Arizona Department of Corrections, the troubled MC may be freed from Yuma Prison as soon as July 1.

Supervisor of public information for Arizona State’s DOC, Freeda Harris, explained to that as of today (May 26), if X remains on good behavior he would be freed on this date. The terms of release call for the Yonkers-bred MC to be under supervision until August 12.

As previously reported, X was sentenced to one year behind bars on December 16, 2010 for violating his probation stemming from an assault conviction, by failing to submit to a drug test and driving on a suspended license. —Jesse Gissen

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  • francis nasim

    oh justice it good 2 see you n you still have the light.lets split thwest bread?

  • Dmxej

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s right back in there by this time of year next year. I was a die hard fan but he is the biggest disappointment to the game. He is one of the few artists that had the potential to change it.

  • No Name

    He’s needs to lay off the bullshit. Like, for real, for real.

  • salman

    X is one of the best ever, even if he never raps again.

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  • DNN

    This time, let’s hope he stays off the drugs and making bby’s

  • whybwhite

    Man Dat NIGGa dumb ass fuck. will only b out and back in in months shorty was the bomb what a tune……. i wanna be a jew like marc ecko boo

  • Autumn

    I hope he gets clean and does good. Sick of hearing about how stupid he is being. He used to be in my top three favorite rappers. Now he is lucky to be top 10.



  • TupacsSouljah

    Are you people fuckin stupid? How is X being stupid or doing anything wrong? It’s not him, it’s the illuminati. Because he is exposing them and the industry for the wrong they have and still are doing, they are trying to keep him behind bars. That’s the only way they can stop the exposure. Educate your selves people! And don’t believe all of this bullshit fed to you by the media. I hope DMX lives a good life once he’s freed, and no “authority” tries to send him back to jail for false charges. Peace, and may God bless DMX.

  • antwone

    He didnt do none of that shit they say….its all a setup…he broke the oath of the higher ups….he might be next like 2pac and mj…we gotta open our eyes people

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