Amber Rose Talks Kanye West vs. Wiz Khalifa In King

Coachella drama, public scrutiny over her relationship with Wiz Khalifa and moving on from Kanye West. These subjects are all addressed by Amber Rose in an upcoming cover story for King Magazine, and XXL now have a few more exclusive tidbits to share before the issue hits newsstands on May 31.

In the piece, written by King editor-in-chief Sean A. Malcolm, Rose directly addresses Kanye West when answering a question about her relationship with Wiz Khalifa. “When I was with my ex [West], I didn’t have a voice,” she said. “I was there and I was new to the fame. I didn’t understand everything. Now I get everything. With me and Wiz, we show our love to the world. We don’t try to hide it; we’re not quiet about it. We’re just in love and we’re just happy and we want people to follow in our footsteps and not be afraid to be in a committed relationship.”

During Coachella last April, West flipped a lyric in “Stronger” in what’s widely been considered a public slight to Rose. After changing “I’d do anything for a blonde dyke, and she’d do anything if the time’s right” to “And she did anything when the time’s right,” Rose acknowledged the diss and fired back.

“It’s just unfortunate that he said that in the song ’cause that’s not the lyrics,” she said. “I can say whatever I want about him. I can write a book or do whatever but I choose to take the high road. It’s just unfortunate he has to constantly say shit.”

Rose claims she is focused on moving on, suggesting that Kanye do the same and get over any jealousy or residual hatred. “Any man that loves his woman is going to feel some kind of way if someone is throwing shots at her, especially an ex,” she said, admitting there was some legitimate drama between West and Khalifa at the festival. “I haven’t been with him in seven months, almost a year. It’s time to keep it moving.” —Carter Maness

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  • ryan

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