A tornado hit Alabama yesterday (April 27), leaving more than 120 dead in the southeastern state. The devastating natural disaster hit home for 'Bama native rapper Yelawolf, who took to Twitter shortly after the storm tore through his stomping grounds to share his thoughts on the occurrence.

“A tornado just hit my hometown of Gadsden Al," he worte.  "My Family survived .. There are over 30 reported fatalities Gadsden I love you .. I'm so sorry,”

“Life in the south has never been easy," he continued with heartfelt shout-out directly to those affected by the storm. "To the families who lost a loved one in the storm .. Sending my love.”

The death toll from the tornado is currently at 194 and rising and most of the casualties are in Alabama’s Tuscaloosa. The National Guard and FEMA are currently on the ground in Alabama and a tornado watch was extended through this morning for parts of Maryland and Virginia. – Mariel Concepcion