A Webbie concert in East St. Louis, Illinois ended in a scuffle that left one security guard injured and caused the concert venue to lose its liquor license.

According to the Belleville News Democrat, an unnamed security guard was shot inside Blackmon’s Plaza, the site of Webbie’s performance, after a brawl erupted.

"A rapper was in town and was at the club,” Detective Michael Floore told The BND. “A fight broke out inside. There were two security guards inside. At this time, it appears that one guard was using his weapon on a patron that he was fighting with. And the gun went off, striking the other security guard."

More than 30 officers from neighboring departments were reportedly called in to quell the chaos. The security guard was treated at St. Louis University Hospital, and no other injuries were reported.

The St. Louis American reports that shortly after the altercation, the mayor of East St. Louis suspended the club’s liquor license. —Lauren Carter