Tupac Murder Files Released by the FBI

Following the release of an exhaustive report on the still-unsolved murder of the Notorious B.I.G., the FBI has released and posted files relating to late rapper Tupac Shakur. [View here]

As previously reported, the FBI posted a 359-page document surrounding the death of the Notorious B.I.G. on a section of its website dubbed The Vault.

The file they posted on Tupac, however, spans just 102 pages. The document details an extortion scheme allegedly perpetrated against ‘Pac and late N.W.A. founder Eazy E by the Jewish Defense League, a Jewish nationalist group that has been characterized as a domestic terrorist organization by the FBI.

The scheme reportedly involved an anonymous subject making death threats against well-known rap artists such as Shakur and E by telephone, at which point the JDL would step in and offer protection services to the targeted superstars for a “fee.”

‘Pac was shot four times in Las Vegas in September of 1996. He was 25. —Lauren Carter

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  • koffybrown

    Damn. We miss Tupac.

    • hfh

      Oh Amazing !!

      Vanessa, has got a mil-lion-aire lover on — Lo v e W e alt hy * C// 0 m– Karen, who is 27 yrs old, married with a we alt hy CEO with the help of this c lu b too. Will you be the next?

    • kasey

      Forreal, i really miss him. RIP

  • Tha Truth

    THE BEST TO EVER REPRESENT AND BE PART OF THE HIP HOP culture…sometimes i think, maybe its best hes not here to see all these fake cats in the game…but maybe those fake thugs wouldnt be here if he was still around…

  • $yk

    the link goes to minaj’s hairdo posting…

  • Tyrannical T

    This is in no way anti-semitic:

    Jesus was sent to be crucified by the Jews
    Tupac was murder by the Jewish Defense League

    The 7 Day Theory Album Cover makes a lot more sense

  • francis nasim

    keep hip hop (nas) alive -metropolis my concious-total reverb conglomerate-im on it- words cant comprehend the neighborhood holocaust i been in homisides,busbys,bulletcrys drivebys-genocide-anarchy-where the happened after sparks beef-laughter? breathe please-send me a key-a seal of belief-lik miami in the breeze-or bustin melodic topics in the tropics overseas –diddy-ec credit

  • francis nasim

    marco—in the dark

  • black jesus

    hitler wasnt so wrong after all….

    • dontworryboutit

      How can you say that

    • Thomas

      if hitler wasnt wrong, we would be next, black jesus

  • shawn


  • http://www.facebook.com/juvenilepericpeprah juvenile

    tupac you are true legend in HIP POP

  • http://xxlmag maxwel

    pac a freedom fighter