Talib Kweli Shuts Down Colt 45 Promo

Talib Kweli wants to make sure that he’s on board with all brands attached to his name. So when the Brooklyn MC found out that liquor brand Colt 45 was to be involved with his concert in Lawrence, Kansas on April 20, a fact with which he was previously unaware, he was unhappy and took matters into his own hands.

“To my fans in Lawrence Kansas the Granada Theater has partnered with Colt 45 without my knowledge to promote the show,” he tweeted yesterday afternoon (April 12).  ”We shut that down. So on 4-20 I will be at the Granada in Lawrence Kansas but Colt45 is no longer involved in the show promo. Thank yall (fans) for alerting me.”

This will be one of a handful of stops in the next month or so for Kwe, who will also be hitting Madison, Boston, Nashville and more before heading over to perform in London on May 10. Those in the New York area can catch him tonight at the New York Needs You benefit at Marquee at 10 p.m.

After releasing Gutter Rainbows in January, Talib is now at work on his next album, Prisoner of Consciousness.

Kweli did not respond when reached for comment on the situation by XXLMag.com. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Los Angelez Angelz

    Way to stand up Talib. No Doubt….

  • HU

    There we go!! Fuck malt liquor and tattoos on your hands and neck! We need to be better.

  • ri067953`

    hahaha…this guy. He let’s Hennessy sponser his wedding but won’t team up with Colt 45? Hypocrite!

    • black

      dumb ass

  • http://www.brittnycharityvaldes.blogspot.com jusB

    He’s not a hypocrite, just protecting his brand. He’s the man.

    • http://www.shapingyouth.org Shaping Youth

      Zactly. He’s making big points with savvy youth who don’t like being soldout, and prefer NOT to see their underage sibs swiggin neon alcopops before they even reach puberty. Cue wild applause and mega-kudos for integrity.

  • patricia

    adult, to stand up, he should own his own brand and know what is going on. Why not? He is riding his own dime.

  • http://www.keturahwasler.com Keturah

    I appreciate the integrity. WE hear a lot of pro black and saving the black community etc…but in a matter such as this. To shut down a show if a pacifier is NOT removed from the show – is principled. If it takes a bit longer then it takes a bit longer. The action is an example that one does NOT have to promote drugs alcohol and violence to sell young black people or intermediately aged black people up shit creek. Which is polluted with enough dead bodies and mind and mood altering chemicals but because the people are ignorant they drink from that very creek. I appreciate clean water and that is what the action is/was – an act of Clean Water.