Royce Compares Eminem EP to Jay-Z/Kanye Disc

As Royce da 5’9” preps the release of his forthcoming EP with Eminem, the Slaughterhouse MC said he expects comparisons to the upcoming Kanye West/Jay-Z collaborative LP, Watch the Throne.

“I’m ready for the comparisons,” Royce told “I’m curious to see what people will say, but if you’re asking me are me and Em feeling like we’re competing with them: Nah.”

Royce said there’s no sense of competition with Kanye and Jay, because each rapper’s skills speak for themselves. “You talkin’ about four dudes that rhyme above average,” he said. “So really, it’s gon’ come down to a matter of preference. It will be some people that feel like theirs is better, some people that feel like ours is better. With me, we respect everything about them. You know what I’m sayin’? So, we not even looking at it like that.”

The still-untitled project and follow-up to Bad Meets Evil is slated to drop on June 14 via Shady/Interscope Records. —Lauren Carter with reporting by Calvin Stovall

Look for our full length feature with Royce da 5’9” on next week.

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  • Shaydee

    Why doesn’t the article match the headline? The headline says “Royce Compares….” and in the article when asked about comparing he said he wouldn’t and isn’t comparing. Why mislead readers?

    • No Name

      Because little lies create big views and therefore, big money. Just the way modern journalism works, unfortunately.

  • egdg

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  • T

    ^ For real.

    Also, Bad Meets Evil will be at least 100 times better than shitty Watch the Throne.


      only reason why you say that is probably because your a eminem stan, if it was royce and someone else doing a duo album you wouldnt give a fuck, but since it EM ..its gonna be “100 times better”…gtfo


        ‘cuz this is Em !! the best rapper alive n probably the best of all times with all respect to the great 2PAC !! so u dont think that the best rapper alive will produce some unreal shit, do u? beside that Royce is much better than Kanye, theres even no comparison !!

      • T

        You’re right. Eminem is better than Jay and Kanye combined, and I stand behind that statement firmly. I don’t really care for Royce, but I know he’s an elite spitter as well. Him and Em > Jay-Z and Kanye is every way possible.

        • tony

          I agree with all the above… and royce is craaaaaazy as well

  • tim

    the difference between the two albums is bad meets evil is gonna actually come out lol

  • Tiago

    Spiking shit forever… I expected much more of Slim. Bad EP! Fuck ya


    Shits going to bee crazy. I actually cant wait to pick it up. So yeah Em is way better than Jay -Z in my opinion and Kanye is garbage and Royce is light years ahead of him ,so yeah this ep will be waaaaay better. Fuck you if you call me a Stan, because that just proves your a jealous fuckin hater, and dont like the fact that the greatest alive is a white boy.

    • http://xllmagazine natti4life

      i totally agree with you naptown, im tired of hearing fucking people say only reason em sells is cause he is white.. and if you cant see his talent and agree then your either to wrapped up in envy or hate. kayne is garbage and jay is overated as fuck , anyhow noone takes away the fact that tiger woods is the best golfer cause of his skin color , just makes me sick. call me a stan too , i guess but numbers dont lie and neither does talent , some folks just need to lose their pride and give em his props..

      • truthtime

        JayZ made up the line “men lie women lie numbers don’t” you two eminem stanning clowns are hilarious. Arcade Fire > +2011 eminem. #WATCHTHETHRONE will be epic nobody will give a fuck about some dumb ass ep with royce the 5’9 sorry guys, em sells fucking ice tea and cars he’s not the 1999-2004 version anymore Em even said he would get killed “in a battle” with kanye and i know thats all you fucking shady aftermath idoits care about. KNow this Graduation killed 50 cent’s career and as jay said “ask nas he don’t want it with HOV noooooooo”

        • anon

          Eminem said when he was on drugs he would’ve had his ass handed to him that doesn’t imply he would right now.

        • anon1

          and your point is moot b/c eminem has sold more than kayne or jay-z.

  • Matchy

    Fuck Bad Meets evil. D12 all day. Proof RIP

  • Realist UpNorth

    real nigga comment Proof RIP

  • balaramesh

    royce > eminem. PRINT THAT

    em got to be the most overrated rapper ever. he a dope lyricist but he is virtually the same as freaking sticky fingers or something.


    I cant believe the ignorance on here, Kanye eat eminem in a battle, please bag up and sell that shit your smokin because you will be filthy rich. Eminem overrated? Really I cant tell with all the haters.Sticky fingers is wack as fuck, dont even both comparin him.
    Em is em. Thats why he is looked at as a legend by his peers, who some of them he is light years ahead of. 50 killed his own career,
    Kanye didnt kill anything but poor little Taylor Swifts thank you speech. He is a lame ass cry baby bitch, who just happens to be a good producer, a over hyped good producer, and a average rapper. He was a breath of fresh air at one time, his chance to go down as great is gone. YOU KNOW YOU DONE FUCKED UP WHEN THE PRESIDENT CLOWNS YOUR DUMB ASS.
    OH and Royce better nah, just as good, but better no. Maybe right below him actually. HATE THAT