Red Café Speaks on Concert in Ghana

Brooklyn rapper Red Café is taking his hustle overseas. The ghostwriter, emcee and Diddy affiliate traveled to Ghana to perform as part of the Fabolous Live concert this past Saturday (April 23).

“This is my first time in Africa,” Red Café told backstage at the House of Blues Boston last Thursday, when he opened for Diddy-Dirty Money. “Just to see the reaction, like they’re excited. They’re sending me a lot of messages on Facebook and Twitter, and they’re excited that I’m coming. That’s a big deal for me, for someone that never put out an album to be able to do that. I’m going to Ghana, then I have an 18-date tour in Europe three weeks later, so to get that kind of reception globally is amazing.”

The rapper recently dropped his first full-length release, street album Above the Cloudz, and said the trip will help him broaden his perspective.

“I want to see the motherland, I want to see everything,” he said. “I’m going on a little tour while I’m out there to see the different things I need to see just to learn (about the history of) slaves and all that. So we set that up for the day after (the concert), so I’m gonna be doing that and just going out there and trying to give back as much as possible.” —Lauren Carter

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