Lil Wayne’s Carter IV Coming on June 21

Earlier this week, rumors hit the ’net that Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated album, Tha Carter IV, was pushed back from May 16 until June. has learned exclusively, that the claims are indeed true.

Young Money president, Mack Maine, informed XXL that Weezy’s follow up to 2008’s multi-platinum selling Carter III LP will be hitting shelves on June 21. We also confirmed that the graduation photo of a pre-teenage Wayne, sporting his signature facial tattoos that leaked online earlier this week, as well, is the official cover art to the disc.

Weezy F. Baby is currently on his I Am Still Music tour with label mate Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross (who appears in the video to his new single “If I Die Today [John]“), and Travis Barker. The crew’s next stop is at Los Angeles, CA’s Staples Center on Friday, April 22. —Jesse Gissen

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  • Niggazstaybittin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bad enough they biting lines like niggaz killed me Yeah When they came with some Nas, niggaz bit off Nas shit! niggaz caught his little album cover move and then they got wise to that

  • What

    English please holy shit

  • brand-new

    lol @#2 but, i think he was referring to ghostfaces skit on ironman about people biting off the nas cover…i guess..haha

  • nate

    It was on Raekwon’s Cuban Linx album, just to keep things straight.
    And that album is UGLY and played the fuck out.
    Change it Wayne, it sucks.

  • nate

    But in fairness the carter 3 was just as stupid looking and just as much of a bite, and it did fine.
    So do whatever you want wayne, who cares, you’re rich!

  • brand-new

    @ nate…thanks 4 the correction kiddo, i knew i f’d up right after i submitted the commet, glad hip-hop heads still pay attention, but anyway, everyone said carter 3 would flunk, so let’s see what happens with 4, album covers don’t mean shit anyway, this ain’t 1994 anymore, shit’s all digital nowadays

  • dave

    lets hope its better than rebirth wayne will drop this shit like its hot

  • irischerry


  • irischerry

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  • T-Hood

    Listen pussies your not cool you fucking pieces of shit acting like gangsters. Weezy is the man and you are not so shut the fuck up before I chop your balls off and feed them to you. Nate your birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory so shut your fucking face fool. I rest my case.

    • jamesoshea91

      ur the one whos acting all fake gansta. and no ones hating here waynes fuckin wack now, he aint put anything good out since he was released from jail. hes so behind everyone else he thinks autotune and lex luger beats are cool his lyrics are wack and unfun no, how many time can u say ur gonna fuck the world or rape the game. cos thts all he does,he uses variations of the same 4 metaphors over and over. then he comes with this wack cover.

      • Truth B Told

        6’7′ was a hit. And his verse on dj Khaleds laitest joint got props.

    • Noodles

      T-Hood, the quintessential modern day keyboard warrior and official fanboy nutrider extraordinaire.

    • kcmo

      haha this dude a dick rider.. forreal all wayne raps about is takin shits and different ways he’s fucked the world.. dude is played out.. metaphors dont make u a good rapper.. the carter 2 was his last good album.. ill cop this shit just to hear my nigga tech n9ne slaughter his ass.. wayne a fake ass blood and never grew up in the hood.. birdman took his ass out the ghetto at 9.. he admitted that to katie couric. nigga go cop a tech n9ne or yukmouth album.. wayne is not the man..

  • http://xxl K W@X

    I just want to know why he has a cock-n-ballz tattoo between his eyes !!!

  • mitch

    i’m taking this release date with a grain of salt… just like every rap release these days.

  • old_mate

    his earring is in the right ear. does that mean hes gay?

  • Тимур

    FUCK im from russhia Lil wayne the best and KAZAN the best city in the world!!!

  • @bloglilwaynebr

    Don’t think this album is going to be released in June, at all.

  • dirtydrazz

    Man wayne is played out. let me explain what’s goin on here with Carter 4….he’s using that same LAME PLAYED OUT STRATEGY he did with carter 3, put a baby picture on the album n hope that women will look at it and go “aww” then buy the album..he’s just trying to ride off the steam he had with Carter 3, hell that’s why the album aint even out yet. ol fruitcake azz ngga

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  • Phil

    i just wanna get my dick sucked


    should be a classic!!!!

  • Morris

    hey yall faggots who be hatin on wayne…fuck a illmatic album o wateva,,,,, this is another classic …the best we ever gon hav …better than any shit pac had out there…..yea i said it….c3 was best…till this drops…no nigga fucks with wayne lyrically not even nas…i been on hiphop since wen pac was around…but this is tha man we want….wayne is the fuckin best there ever will be…haters can suck my dick….

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  • J_Decade781

    Woooop! Yo idc who else says what..On dogs kcmo just took a weezy shit on whoever lmao! Yo realtalk, this is the most hiphop heads ive seen on one weezy blog or w/e..Yukmouth all day. I like weezy too tough. But try getting into Some Big Krit, Freddie Gibbs. Those guys keep it real. And Each is signed to Jeezys label and Ross’s label i think..

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