Jim Jones Sells 21K in First Week

After taking over the Billboard Top 200 last Wednesday (April 6), hip-hop seemed to have lost its presence in the upper echelon of the album charts this week. The only two rap discs to make it in that category were Wiz Khalifa and Jim Jones.

Following up an impressive first-week of almost 200,000 units, Wiz’s Rolling Papers LP slipped 70 percent in the last seven days, moving only 59,300, according to the Nielsen SoundScan report. This made him slide from his position at No. 2 to No. 5. Overall he has a total sales figure of 257,500.

Meanwhile Jones barely landed a seat at No. 20. Capo, his first solo album since parting ways with Columbia in 2009, moved about 21,000 units in its debut week.

Minaj slid six spots down to No. 26 this go-round. The Young Money princess’ debut LP, Pink Friday, continues to pull in sales in her 20th week on the charts. This cycle fans purchased about 17,000, bringing her to-date numbers  to 1,298, 300.

Directly below her at No. 27 is XXL’s May 2011 cover star, Lupe Fiasco, with his third LP, Lasers. In week five the Windy City lyricist picked up an additional 16,800 in sales, which makes his complete stats so far equal 320,000.

Eminem’s Grammy-award winning Recovery album was scanned about 15,400 times this week, knocking the Detroit lyricist down two pegs from last week to No. 29.  After 42 weeks, Em boasts a monster tally of 3,788,500.

Rounding out the Top 40 is West Coast OG Snoop Dogg. His latest, The Doggumentary, landed a seat at No. 36 with 13,600 in sales. In two weeks, The Doggfather was able to sell 64,200 copies.

Strange Music artist Brotha Lynch Hung also debuted on the charts this week. Fans of the West Coast rapper picked up 7,300 copies of his new disc, Coathanga Strangla, earning him a spot at No. 68.

Stay tuned next week to see how Atmosphere’s The Family Sign, Mack and Malone’s Money Music and Swollen Members’ Dagger Mouth fare on the Billboard Top 200.—Elan Mancini

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  • that nigga

    hahahahaha!! Jim Jones!! hahahaha

  • alderman j

    Nigga laughing cause jones just made the top 20 in ALBUM sales, NOT RAP ALBUMS, on an INDIE LABEL!! Album is pretty good!! He just made more money in a week than you have made in ur whole life!!!!!!

    hahahahaha!! Jim Jones!! hahahaha

    haha hell!!

    • that nigga

      Dog, you dont know me to judge me so, that goes to show who you really are. I could be anybody disguised. And for the record, Jenny Jones fuckin’ sucks and I dont care how much money that faggot or you have. Im very comfortable with my ban account. You must be insecure with your account. Suck a dick, no homo. Pun intended!!

    • Los Angelez Angelz

      1st we need to realize what real money is…he sold 20k=$179,000 minus 8% retail overhead=$164,800 minus approx $23,000 in CD & artwork replication for 20k cd’s=$141,000 minus taxes @ 30% ($53,700)=$88,000!!! and that’s not even with paying producers, handlers, management, etc….. That’s no money homie, can’t even by a nice ride with that. Being indie means the money comes from you upfront…now if you do 100k+ on indie, then It’s worth it, but selling 20k CD’s is a failure. Do the math….

      • $yk

        I think your math is off fam…you’re missing some other factors of the equation…

        but Jim moved them units with minimal promo…not bad at all…

        • Q461

          Cats just hate on Jim Jones. Peace to Jimmy he got some bangers on there… peep that shit with Wyclef…Was there even a single promoting this album?

          Wonder if Wiz will even go gold…album was such a disappointment…second in a row from Atlantic after Lasers….

          • $yk

            I didn’t see any official singles, just leaked songs, which makes the selling feat even more astonishing…like how this post tries to downplay a top20 debut…these Dipset dudes got their Wu signing game on right now, cashing checks from e1 & Interscope…

            I don’t think Wiz will go gold…prali flame out @ around 400 once they start the Tyler bandwagon up…I was reading somewhere last week (either Billboard or Soundscan) where Atlantic is only gonna follow the same formula…and why Roc Nation is trying to buy Warner Bros (still don’t understand why Ross signed there).

  • Los Angelez Angelz

    -What happened to that? You was caking in Harlem 4 years ago, where them birds at?
    -Sounds like the chirping done stopped, you in the cellar with the rats-need to go find Jesus man, call it a day with the raps
    -Remember you was in the phantom, chillin with wayne?
    now you hop the #9 bus-get a transfer to the train
    - went from being a capo superstar to just being plain,looks like Jay-Z was right, you should lay in a hole with Dame….Lame.

  • http://xxl.com biged

    half them bums need to quit. not one fuckin rap album out so far this year besides wu vs shaolin can hang with the coathanga strangla!!!!! strange music all day!!! album of the year-blh coathanga stragla.

  • fmeezy

    FMEEZY here, up in this bitc* ,my trigger finger gotta helluva twitch,hopin that a ni*ga try and start some sh*t ,then imma bus till there aint nuhthin left.make that pus*y start livin life after death………..

  • Jay

    just to let you know your math is way off homie

  • Tru Talk

    The Sad thing is that Brotha Lynch Hung only sold 7,000 copies and his album was by far the best album out of Wiz, Snoop, Jones, and Minaj…. Em is the only one with a better album… Brotha Lynch is dope as hell


    21,000 copies sold way to go I knew you could do it champ!
    BALLIN’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even a blind man can see why it was important for Jenny & Juelz to get back with Cam. With no sells & money coming in then what do you do? If he only sold 21,000 the 1st week it’s only going to go down from there. He’s back with E1 because that crap he put out with Columbia flopped. Trust me either their new deal with Interscope is for not that much real $$$ or either Jimmy Iovine is seriously starting to reconsider his decision. If there is no real buzz for them then why waste $ & a big budget on an album that may have flop written all over it!

    Peace & GET MONEY!!!
    MOGUL $$$ GAME ’11!!

  • http://xxl.com biged

    what about heavy metal kings? that shit is fire too!!

  • nicholasdelorejo

    I think a lot of ya’ll are missing the bigger issue here. Forget about Jim Jones sales because he wouldn’t have sold much even with promotion. Remember LLyod Banks sold around 50K and he had both promotion with the Nicki/Kanye debuts.

    The Real story is Britney Spears last week selling only 275K (Which is Chris Brown FAME #s) dropped to #2 this week selling 80K. Am I the only one who sees a problem here? Britney Spears who is was practically a music icon a few years ago did the same numbers as an angry negro wife beater (who this week is at #5 selling 50K).

    If she can’t do big numbers any more and go gold in a week then I honestly think no one can. At least not past 500K without months of exposure (see Kanye and Drake). I shudder to think what Wayne or worst 50 will sell with their albums. This just goes to show that the industry is dead at least in being a successful selling artist.

    • pap3rchazer

      you state a very good point, but you missed that the industry might be dead in a domestic point of view. even though historically selling artist(Britney, 50, maybe Wayne) might max out round 500k in the US, they also land of the charts of countries you might not have heard before. so collectively, they’ll do just fine.

  • Los Angelez Angelz

    Selling physical CD’s is no longer the best business model, you won’t find many people that rush to Target, Best Buy or Walmart to purchase CD’s, people either wait and find it free somewhere or buy a few of the tracks on iTunes or Rhapsody or something. I actually think in the next 5 years there will be no more cd’s period being sold. Everything will be online.

  • http://youtube.com/kidmus1c K.I.D

    thank you pap3rchazer…people act like this is the only country music made and distributed in…fucking idiots…and so fuckin what if he sold 20k…he will go do a couple shows and make shit loads of money anyway…artists make music to perform it…not just so u can listen to it on a CD