The FBI has posted a 359-page document relating to the death of rap superstar Notorious B.I.G. on its Web site.

The document, available here, is the product of a civil rights investigation into the Brooklyn emcee’s still-unsolved 1997 murder. It includes handwritten and typed reports, surveillance logs, e-mails, subpoenas and other related records, with names concealed from view.

The document takes into account the friction between Biggie and slain rapper Tupac Shakur, includes a chronology of their music careers as well as their rivalry, and mentions popular conspiracy theories relating to both artist’s deaths; among those theories are rumors that Biggie’s murder may have been committed in retaliation for Tupac’s, and that LAPD members with gang ties may have been involved.

The report, while exhaustive, provides no actual conclusions. The investigation was closed in 2005 and Biggie’s murder remains unsolved. —Lauren Carter