Even in the tightest of camps, close friends can become distant cousins pretty quick. Rap game politics, the pressures of fame and often self-induced paranoia, can lead to hard feelings. One minute you’re standing at a distance from a creative counterpart in photos and the next subliminal slugs go viral and spark controversy. From A Tribe Called Quest to Jim Jones and Cam'ron musicians – especially rappers – are known for strained working relationships and interpersonal beef. The latest is Consequence, who just shot a new video ( Consequence Calls Out Kanye in M.O.D. 3 Preview ) taking shots at former friend Kanye West. In our estimation, finding out you got beef with someone should be figured well before the video diss stage. So with that in mind, XXLmag.com presents top ten signs of a dysfunctional professional relationship. Feel free to add on to our list.

1- Sending burglars to your or anyone in your family's crib.

2 - Implying in interviews that friends and/or collaborators didn't help you as much as they could or should have helped.

3 - Calling out band mates on his solo album.

4 - Appearing on-stage with your rival.

5 - Marketing the group's album like it's his solo project.

6 - If your friend or labelmate is all of a sudden saying they're too busy to tour with you.

7 - If your so-called friend is testifying against you. For anything.

8 - Simultaneously collaborating with you on a record and then making subliminal diss tracks directed at you.

9 - If for any reason the Minister Louis Farrakhan has to be called in, consulted with or speaks your name.

10 - If a former friend or labelmate taped any phone calls you made and is posting them on the Internet.

-Matt Caputo