Like Jay-Z before him, Brooklyn native, Fabolous, is trying to use his influence in the hip-hop world to woo some of basketball’s biggest talents to his hometown team.

According to ESPN, Fab wants to sign Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard to the New York Knicks when he becomes a free agent in 2012, much like when Jay tried to woo LeBron James last year to the New Jersey Nets, of which he is part owner.

"I'd want [Howard] to join us,” Fab told ESPN. “He, along with another possible free agent, Chris Paul, would be the final pieces of the puzzle."

While Loso may not have enough cash to sit on the Knicks' board of directors, he isn't letting that stop him from repping his team. "Jay-Z has lots of money, Fab continued. “He sells the city differently than I'd do. I think his little tour of the area would be different than mine.”

Neither Howard nor Paul have yet to respond to the comments as of press time. —Nick Haycock