There have been plenty of scandals throughout hip-hop’s storied history, but arguably the most controversial incidents of recent times come from Rick Ross and Mister Cee.

As we all know, Rozay was outed back in 2008 for being a Corrections Officer when he was still in his late teens. Earlier this week, it was revealed that The Finisher, Mister Cee, was arrested after getting caught with his pants down in a public sexual act with a man in downtown Manhattan.

What’s interesting about both incidents is how Cee and the Boss handled the allegations. They both followed the Bill Clinton game plan: deny deny deny!

Despite incriminating evidence in both cases found by the investigators at (including photographs, legal documents and police reports), both men failed to admit to any wrongdoing. While Ross eventually caved in, fessing up to his past profession, Mister Cee has yet to concede.

In any case, let’s compare the suspects' sound bites. Someone’s nose is growing…