Decide Uncle Luke’s Mayoral Campaign Slogan

“Uncle” Luther Campbell is running for mayor of his hometown of Miami, Florida and wants you, our loyal readers, to help us come up with his unofficial campaign slogan.

We are urging our readers to flex their funny bone and type up their funniest motto for the 2 Live Crew leader in our comments section. Ya’ll have until midnight tonight to submit. will unveil Luke’s unofficial campaign poster tomorrow afternoon, will the winner’s slogan.

As previously reported, Campbell said he plans to build his campaign around the issues of economic development, public safety, community revitalization and affordable housing. The Miami native and Luke Records founder also added that his biggest obstacle is convincing people he’s more than a novelty.

“I don’t expect anyone to just vote for me because I am Uncle Luke,” he wrote in a column that appeared in the Miami Times earlier this year. “They are going to vote for me because Uncle Luke wants to do something about the way this county is headed.”

The new mayor of Miami Dade county will be decided on May 24. —XXL Staff

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  • Kevin Barquero

    In Miami, if you have the slightest thought that someone’s gay, they probably are.


    “As Political as I wanna be”

  • El Tico Loco

    Got a list.

    1. Trust the gap
    2. I ain’t bullsh…n
    3. Don’t stop get me elected! Don’t stop …
    4. Your ghetto style mayor
    5. Doing big things for G strings.

    • Ted Flynt

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! that no 5 is fuckin funny as a motherfucka!!!!!! I chose that!!!


    Get it !!! Get it !!! While the Gettin is Good.

  • BeerGangsta

    We need Luke for Mayor!! Its to many Cuba Jack Azzes live here!! Everybody say hay we won’t some Pussy 2 Live Crew remember!!

  • Stess The Emcee

    “This time the local government won’t fuck you, but his strippers will”


  • Mr cee

    ”Vote for me coz i give a fuck”