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  • The187Worm

    Hear the little kiddies screaming lmfao….sesame street music…fuck’em all….excpt KRIT, YELA decent…thats right ima Hata!! and proud of it….most of you youngins are ruining this fucking genre…and alot of people want this shit back ….and it will happen…..this fucking magazine aint helpin none tho

    • T

      I think I speak for everyone when I say SHUT THE FUCK UP.

      • The187Worm

        Awww did i hurt ya feelings little one? suck my dick bitch. take ya ass back to nickelodean muthufucka and stay there…Go watch reruns of Degrassi with that coffee cake cripple faggot…stop buyin girls jeans to slip into….sto eatin the assholes of other men…then maybe, just maybe ill shut the fuck up ;)

        • ROBD916

          k jus curious who u listen to?

          • The187Worm

            Crooked I, YaBoy, T-Rock, Ludacris, Rakim, Black Milk, Mos Def, O-Solo, Joell Ortiz, LiL Eazy, Chamillionaire, Ace Primo<–new better Little Wayne….Bun B, Spice 1, WC, Andre 3000, KrsOne, Big Daddy Kane<—still bump his shit….HorseshoeGang, Tupac, Bone Thugs, Big Krit, EPMD, Brotha Lynch Hung, lots more..sad a white cat has better taste these days…hate all ya want on my shit …but i dont go around dixk riding other white artists ….or be a follower of this garbage ass trend of whack fucking music…

        • jimmyjam

          shut the fuck up bitch. how sad must ur life be tht u just go around xxl website trollin bunch of shit.

        • G

          the winky smiley face makes you seem really hard btw. yela sucks dick too.

          • The187Worm

            awww thank you ..i wouldve used the smiley with the tongue action i just didnt know how to type it….lmao

  • yela

    yela is beast.

  • The187Worm

    aww diggy had bedtime lol :)

  • BigK

    187, are you that much of a gangster “187″ (what a joke) that you can’t open your ears and mind at all? I bump all that shit too…Old School Outkast (Aquemini_best album), Bone Thugs, Wu, Nas, Talib Kweli, M.O.P. etc etc but I also listen to differen types of hip hop e.g. Wiz, Mac Miller, newer shit depending on what I am feeling at the time. Dont be a salty hater and put the gun down haha

  • The187Worm

    187 makes me a gangsta huh? lmao try not to assume who i am …but i know what type of cat u are ..believe that shit…

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