Vado Signs to Interscope

Vado is about to have a new home.

The Harlem spitter confirmed to that he recently inked a deal with the Interscope Records. Details of the deal are still emerging.

V-Don’s retail mixtape, Slime Flu hit stores last October, and was released on eOne. His collabo album with Cam’ron, Gunz N’ Butta, is slated to drop next month on April 12 also through eOne.

Vado will be appearing on XXL‘s UStream show Spotlight next Wednesday, April 6.

As of press time, Interscope has yet to return e-mails for comment. —Adam Fleischer

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  • D

    its a shame no1 outta new york cares bout dude lol


    good luck!!

  • SG

    Just heard this guy in the song “Girls Cry” with camron the other day not bad. Maybe he can bring NY back.

  • slime square

    dumb move on vado’s part…. now all he has to do is bend over n accept the rape…

    • pap3rchazer

      exactly, interscope is not a safe place for hiphop artists, Sha Money XL, Flex n others said it themselves. the staff is lazy as fuck n they’ll exhaust whatever momentum/buzz you got goin. they sabotaged Jada n Styles P, Gunit(when Iovine told 50 to plug Game into gunit becuz Dre couldnt make him pop n that was a disaster), undershipped Wale’s debut album. hopefully killa got something up his sleeve

  • frank’s

    who cares! lol ….real shit is happening! supposedly shady records is signing eLZhi ???

  • Shizmac86

    Everyone knows what Interscope did to JADA..

    • Don mcCaine

      and what did they do?

      Jada’s on Def Jam, which is UNIVERSAL, Interscope’s PARENT LABEL.

      Where’s the blackballing at? The label was cutting Jada & 50 checks…non factor info you presented

  • wes12

    shady records is done once 50 leaves , also vado is the truth and has sold out shows up here in Toronto aka an international audience , nigs with a iq below 90 cant feel vado aka the south . V A D O he next to blow (n/h)

  • Don mcCaine

    y’all talking BS…

    Slime Flu Intro>>>>>>>>


    i am convinced not only have y’all not heard BOAB 1, 2, & 2.5, but y’all don’t listen to music AT ALL and stay quick with the keyboard punching…

    prove me wrong and NAME SONGS where Vado ain’t rip it in the booth…Hey Muma is gonna be in heavy rotation once it gets warm outside…

    • Notorious AGC

      CO-sign to the fullest !!!, iz good seein another og sees what i see….llol havent been here for awhile…what up fam

      • Don mcCaine

        whaddup homie…

        i was gonna dead the kiddie site, until i remembered the kids have teachers & staff members they respect in school…

        • detroit7fire

          yo check the cookin soul “Hey Muma” remix. If they smart they can make the orignal and the remix ride out the entire summer

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  • alderman j

    VADO is heavy down south, they was in BIRMINGHAM and the venue wasnt big enough to hold all the people that showed up, the fire marshall and police had to come make people leave!! ALSO i think VADO was the first shoe to DROP, THE DIPLOMATS NEXT, MOST HATED!!!!!

  • kidcaps

    hope hell get some beats from Dre, but interscope is fucked up


  • LilDominicanPrince

    I personally believe that all record labels rape their artist. Regardless Im happy for Vado he deserves it da kid is nice and hopefully this will put the stamp on Ny to let niggaz kno we back and hopefully shut the south up for 1nc and 4 all……………………