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  • Sha


    Straight to DVD….

    The fact that he enlisted C-list actors and a few below that (did I see Mario Van Peebles in that joint?) insures that some people will see the film. But let’s keep it real…. 50′s a horrible actor.

    Now, I’ll give him props for losing a ton of weight. Shit, that process alone gives him an ounce of respect in my book. But the story seems weird from what I see. The people doing the casting definitely needs to be working at Mickey D’s.

    Maybe this would have worked better if 50 didn’t take the lead. If this had been a story about a war vet and 50 was playing second fiddle to say a Denzel…. Maybe.

    But 50 refuses to douse water on his enormous ego. And this says more about his leadership style than anything. Sometimes a “boss” has to step back from the machine and let it operate the way it was designed. Without him being the center of attention. How else do you think all of those Professional Sports Team Owners are paid waaay more than the players?

    But this is 50 being 50. And this movie will end up being exactly what the rest of 50′s career and his crew is becoming. A memory.

  • ROBD916

    50 with dreds hahaha that shit looks hela funy