Suge Involved in Fight at Vegas Hotel [VIDEO]

Former CEO and founder of Death Row Records, Suge Knight, found himself in another physical altercation this past Saturday (March 12), at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas.

According to TMZ, the fight began when a man approached Suge and said, “I can take you.” The West coast CEO began swinging, and the fight moved about throughout a shopping area of the hotel.

Eventually the two were pulled apart and police arrived on scene soon after. While Knight was not arrested, this is not the first brawl he’s been involved in over the years. In 2009 Suge was reportedly rushed to the hospital in Scottsdale, AZ during NBA All-Star weekend, after being punched in the face twice by a member of Akon’s camp. Prior to this incident, the Death Row founder was knocked out at a Shag Nighclub in Los Angeles in May of 2008 after a heated argument. —Amber McKynzie

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  • Biz Markie

    Negro’s can’t fight anymore…..

  • Sha

    If you ask me, Shug NEVER could fight. His crew and his persona outweighed his actual skills. Shit, he could have been knocked out 10 years ago…..

    But as I have said countless times, Shug is done.

    • Jack Tripper

      If you ask me, Shug NEVER could fight. His crew and his persona outweighed his actual skills. Shit, he could have been knocked out 10 years ago…..

      Ask The D.O.C., Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg if Suge can fight. The D.O.C.’s seen Suge break a muthafucka down. Suge ain’t no punk but it’s a new day. He ain’t a young man no more.

    • youass



      say that to his face…internet thugs….yall need hugs…

  • Aladin

    I hope someone will knock the shit out of him again and again and again for starting the East and West coast war at the First Source awards!!!

  • Judah

    He put himself in a corner. Now every tough guy want to knock out Knight. Its a sad way to live.


  • francis nasim

    thanks my man! hears some ice!ima conglomerate-my buildins made moderate-the disc on foties-lord of the lord n king of the kings-juggarnaut the translation-conduct a vegas train station-lik two peas in a pod -suge got cha heart racin-crystal wrappin paper palmed in hand-humidity 78′ till my next court date-im without my milkshake-the jeans wit her make hesitate,levitate,kickback u featherweight-after four lick of this nathaniel make a pass-one hour in a glass of life deserves a break-toast in the commotion-u need groove mending-here comes my ala mode to yo humble endings-suge shot me

  • francis nasim

    n this is for ya son-protect ya self-i don care how fine she is-check it game-i bring da bullet slugs clutchin glocs for hugs-infa red dot does-lik gam in the clutch-my automatic clutch-attemptin to make ya budge-get wit it or get wit out it-i do it as eazy does- rest in peace to the thugs-influential to residential cause i sell em’-in yo hood too-reppin’ murda killin camera moves-you know how i move-aristocrat servin crack to you-big math wit the sacks on da’ ave. snezin lik a hatchoo-you want the math i hitcha bac to ease ya bac im at choo-im nastradohm

  • francis nasim

    fabulous u smell n look like BEN-GAYu a cross between sneakers,ketchup n primatine mist stay outa grown biz blood.gotcha. hold on.

  • Face Phoenix

    This man is way tooooooo old to be doing that crap. Man needs to get his grown man on.


    It’s really sad to see a man his age still stuck on doing some middle school type shit.Grow up Suge,eventually reality will make you at some point.

  • f33nz

    That dude aint do shit to Suge, he backing up like a scared bitch and getting out of there after taking two hits come on now suge ain’t no bitch he might be old, but that don’t me he just gonna let ppl punch him in his shit, and that dude that knocked him out last time only got lucky off a sucker punch homeboy didn’t do no boxing with Suge before that!

  • that nigga

    ahahhaa, this nigga said he can take Suge than began runnin’ backwards.

  • jesse dziedzic

    You are exactly correct on this writing…

  • Carnaval

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