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  • jfl11

    he looks clean, if nothing else.

  • DV

    “take me to the mall baby! You know I just came home, man go head and get me right baby!”

    “50 got me 2 sweaters, I got a pair of pants the other night”
    (Mike Epps voive)

    just jokes……Good to see P free.

  • Jay

    Make sure to keep all them sheep’s informed with that new world order activity going on p foreal man, dont start backin down now

  • kojicash

    man, we let that Jay Z shit fool us.. P and hav change rAP IN 1994. they made rap REAL! they ended many careers. rap became serious when they dropped the infamous. you couldnt rap about clownin, nonsence, or just rap to be rappin. they made rap dead ass serious.. lets not forget.. imm just sayin..


    WELCOME HOME PRODIGY!!! time for more Mobb Music


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