Independent rap favorite DOOM (FKA MF Doom) recently revealed that he is in talks with Radiohead front man, Thom Yorke, on collaborating on an entire full length album.

In an interview with 3D World Magazine, the self described “masked supervillain” said, “[I’m] doing some stuff with Thom Yorke. [W]e’re working on some duets. Just like preliminary shit but we’ll probably end up doing a whole record together.”

The former KMD rapper, who teamed up with Yorke back in 2009 for the remix to his track “Gazillion Ear,“ told that the singer initially called him about recording music together. “He actually approached us,” Doom said in a previous interview. “He heard a rough version of “’Gazillion Year’] when I was still working on it and reached out to the label. He wanted to do it on the strength. I wasn’t too familiar with his work but then I did my research on him and saw he’s a pretty prolific dude. I saw how both of our styles could compliment each other and bring more people together with it because his fans are hardcore, if not more hardcore than my fans. It was a good way to bridge the two.

First on the schedule for DOOM is the sequel to his 2004 joint LP with Madlib, Madvillainy, which is expected to hit shelves later this year. —Elan Mancini