Mac Miller to Drop New EP Next Week

Mac Miller may have released his latest mixtape, Best Day Ever, under two weeks ago, but don’t expect him to stop now. In fact, he’s already releasing another project.

According to HipHopDX, the six-song EP will be titled On and On and Beyond. Set to drop on March 29, the project will be sharing a release date with Mac’s fellow Pittsburgh native and Rostrum Records label mate Wiz Khalifa, whose Rolling Papers will also drop next Tuesday.

Two of the songs will be from the recent Best Day Ever, two will be from previous works, and two will be brand new. The EP will be available on iTunes.

Check out the tracklisting for On and On and Beyond below. —Adam Fleischer

1. Put It On
2. Live Free
3. On And On
4. Life Ain’t Easy
5. In The Air
6. Another Night

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  • Anthony

    Id be pumped if i havent already heard like 5 out of the 6 songs already lol

  • DavySupafly

    can’t hate on a nigga on they grind and he makin dope tunes too keep it up mac

  • garrett

    this would be tight, except 4 of the 6 songs arent new, i really wasnt expecting this from mac

  • Jason

    @Anthony: i was just thinking that tha only new one is Put it On an idk if i heard Life Aint Easy i might have just not noticed it

  • Caleb

    @Jason: Life Aint Easy is on best day ever

  • The187Worm

    Yess so excited!..Love when they release a new brand of toilet paper…….and it comes with a mirror!!!!

    • ROBD916

      bruh why u always hatin on evrythin

      • The187Worm

        Cuz im a hatin ass muthufucka thats why….ok “Bruh” what the fuck is this …we surfin? we can hate on everything but garbage rap? is that what yous tellin me? Like i said i hate on muthufuckas that dont deserve to be where they at now….and no i dont want to be no fucking rap artist, i make money….bet u if whack ass Vanilla Ice was on this BANGER list most of yall be “hatin” …so thank you , have a nice day , and suck my dick

        • TronSpecial

          You’re a fuckin clown

          • The187Worm

            Thank you! i actually am a clown..thats my profession.

        • Riley

          Nigga U Gay!

      • T$

        its all good man, his fav artists are soulja boy and rebecca black

  • Matt

    who cares if some songs have been release… are ya’ll seriously gonna bitch about free music?

    • Nick

      It’s not free music…It says this EP will be available on iTunes. But I’m not complaining, he just put out a mixtape.

  • jonadams

    donald trump should be on there if any

  • T$

    not really new music but everyones gotta get their papes up somehow

  • Kevin


  • EReal

    This dude sucks. My opinion.

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