Mac Miller Talks Best Day Ever

Following up on his K.I.D.S. mixtape, 2011 XXL Freshman Mac Miller wil be dropping his new disc, Best Day Ever, next Friday, March 11. We recently hopped on the phone with the Pittsburgh, PA up-and-comer to speak about what fans can expect from the new offering.

“It’s tight because there’s so much different stuff,” he said. “There’s a song on Best Day Ever where it’s me playing guitar and Jerm doing the drums.  And then theirs ‘She Said’ which is just some straight hip-hop shit, and then there’s ‘Donald Trump,’ which is just a banger.” [Watch the video for the song here]

“I think [‘Donald Trump’] is the first song that I’ve made that goes hard in a club,” he added. “I was in a club after a show and they put on ‘Donald Trump’ and I was going loco just being able to be in the club listening to my own music, It’s tight because like it or not when your in the club if they put on that joint I did with Khrysis and everyone’s dancing that song is not going to go stupid hard in the club.”

As previously reported, in addition to Best Day Ever, Mac is also gearing up for his starring role in VH1′s new television series, Single Ladies, executive produced by Queen Latifah.

Mac told XXL that he is going to be playing himself in an upcoming episode, which will focus on one of the girls discovering him and trying to get him signed to a major label. The show is set to air this July.

XXL’s April 2011 Freshmen issue with Kendrick Lamar, Yelawolf, Diggy, Lil B, Meek Mills, Mac, Lil Twist, Fred the Godson, YG, Cyhi The Prynce, and Big K.R.I.T. hits shelves on March 15.—Jesse Gissen

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  • dynamicproducer

    dont know what they see in this dude? mad average

    • Kyle

      So Dynamic says Mac isn’t good… listen to “Donald Trump” or “Nikes On My Feet” and Soowoo the Crip says no one fucks with “Mack”.. you must of never heard of “Yellawolf” or “Kendrick Lamar” because they are pretty fucking amazing as well… try Gucci and Yellawolf “I Just Wanna Party”..


  • hiphopfantothafullest

    mad average? listen to more then one song then. dont hate cuz white boys can hang in the rap game these days. Mac is top 5 on that cover… but you prolly like lil b huh? fake ass dude

  • notofyourbuinesss

    More then half of this roster suck ass wtf ??? mac miller is maaaaaaaad average stop d***ridding the boy

  • Pleaz Haterz

    Mac is 19 and has spit on the same tracks w legends and held it down. yall bitch made mufuckas need to stop hatin’
    412 BITCH

  • tiago

    At least he’s getting paper and getting high than most of y’all haters talking bout nonesense. haha.

  • Zee

    mac is super dope, his beats are hot. stop hating, he’s obviously on the cover for a reason.

  • asd

    HE SUCKS WIZ! all he does is listen to a beat, think how wiz would spit it, and puts in his own words..needs to get his own style and quit copying someone who isnt that tight himself..blunts n hos, blunts n hos, is all this stupid faggot knows

  • Icemac

    Hope he Keeps this up…. Hip hop needs a Mac Miller, somebody that can have fun with his rhymes and still kick cool lyrics….

  • soowoo

    no one on that list even fux wit mack besides cyhi

  • Your God

    Really? Mac Miller sucks? Were sucking on his d*ck? Really now because if you like an artist your sucking his or her d*ck. Shut the f*ck up p*ssy it’s not sucking anyone’s d*ck dumb ass. Now get a life Mac Miller has more skill in his pinky then you will ever have in your life trash. Get mad fool.

  • cag

    there will always be haters and ignorant fucks who can’t just respect a dude made it even though they may not like his style and get off the wiz comparissons yeah they’re both from pit and both went to the same school but style and flow wise they are way different let them do their things.

  • Kevin

    willy foo foos

  • TJ

    mac’s the shit, you dumbasses. close minded ghetto mothafucka think mac’s soft, he’s incredible no questions asked