With Lasers sitting atop the Billboard Top 200 albums chart, Lupe Fiasco announced plans today to head out on tour.

Beginning on March 27 in Los Angeles, the Chicago spitter will embark on a 16-date, 15-city tour that will include stops in New York, New Orleans and Baltimore, as well as at multiple college campuses.

Fiasco's third LP, Lasers, debuted at the No. 1 spot on the charts earlier this week, moving more than 204,000 units. Following the announcement of the stellar sales, Lupe took to his Twitter account to express his excitement on the occasion. He wrote the following:

"every year we do better, steady on the rise, the tears for lost ones weigh heavy on the eyes, dita sunny’s, gold prezzy, twin turbo chevy fo’ a ride of course, from the backseats of phantoms i thought of leaving thru suicide doors, love got me thru it, best fans ever made the whole world care, had 51st & 6th looking like Tahrir Square! apologize for dumbing it, but look what has become of it, “All Black Everything” some old white southern woman humming it, Took Gaza Strip’s Politics and put them number one and shit, took the myth that concious dont equal commercial and mothafuckin pummeled it! weapons for the weak, lessons for the meek, the too proud to beg, and the too poor to speak, the too smart to listen, and the too dumb to teach, two sides to every story so i listen to both speak, shout 2 all the dj’s, who gave a nigga replays, @fakeshoredrive @rapradar & the whole internet space, U put it online I put it in they face, and there it will remain, for atleast another week, right at number 1, hahaha yeah nigguh, stay strong Japan, Nate Dogg REST IN PEACE!!!"

Check out the full list of tour dates below. —Adam Fleischer

March 27: Los Angeles, CA (DUB Car Show – LA Convention Cntr.)
March 31: Durham, NC (Duke University)
April 1: Ann Arbor, MI (University Of Michigan)
April 13: Albany, NY (SUNY Albany – Washington Ave. Armory)
April 16: Keene, NH (Keene State College)
April 19: Oxford, OH (Miami University)
April 21: Phoenix, AZ (Mesa Amphitheater)
April 24: New York, NY (Roseland Ballroom)
April 25: New York, NY (Roseland Ballroom)
April 26: New Haven, CT (Yale University)
April 28: Bristol, RI (Roger Williams University)
April 29: University Park, PA (Penn State University)
May 1: Baltimore, MD (Meriweather Post)
May 6: New Orleans, LA (Congo Square)
May 7: Boise, ID (Boise State University)
May 11: Lewiston, ME (Bates College – Grey Gym)