Lupe: “I Don’t Care About Success”

Lupe Fiasco is never one to hold his tongue. In a recent interview with New York Magazine promoting the release of his third solo album, Lasers, out today (March 8), the Chicago-native said he doesn’t care about the disc’s success.

When asked what he hopes to happen with the LP, he said: “To be blunt, I don’t really give a [crap]. I’ve grown very distant from the business, very numb to it. Before, I’d just kind of be a ninja. Just kind of keep it moving. When I first got into the music business, it was like, ‘You need to do this interview and all this promotion even if it kills you, because it means your record is going to do this and if you don’t do it you’re not going to get this and you’re not going to get that.’ I don’t really care about the success anymore. I don’t really care about the fame.”

Lupe also shared that he hasn’t been able to get much financial gain from the record business. “Three, four years later, I look at my bank account statements, and I haven’t made any money with my record label,” he said. “You start to think a little bit differently about your motivations and why you’re doing what you’re doing.”

Last week, Lu took to his Twitter account to address the criticism from fans of a premature leak of the album. “I never thought [L]asers would inspire so much negativity,” he wrote on his account on March 1. “Reading the comments and reactions is crushing.”

Lasers, which features cameos from Trey Songz, John Legend, Skylar Grey and MDMA, officially hit stores this morning.—Elan Mancini

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  • GitoffDeeezzzz

    Lupe can see that he is not getting any love from the major labels. His best bet would be to pull a Tech N9ne. He needs to start his own independent label, that way he can control his artistic creativity, his business and marketing, and sign other artist. I think he has the potential to be the Tech N9ne of the new generation.

    • aboynamedandy

      Yeah man, I like your thinking.

      Or he should sign to Okayplayer or G.O.O.D Music where there is the foundation of making pure Hip Hop, that doesn’t have sales and money at the forefront of everything.

      • Tyrannical T

        I agree too. I can’t see him going to GOOD or a pure hip hop label like that because being under a label or a team in general just wouldn’t fit.

        He needs to start his own label!!! No disrespect to any parties but Lupe reminds me of Pac. In that sense Lupe needs his own Makaveli Records like Pac was about to do before he was killed.

  • Sha

    Some people are built for the biz… Some aren’t…..

    But here’s the Jedi Mind Trick…..


    I don’t buy for one minute that he doesn’t give a damn about if his album sells or not. Why? Because just the fact that he mentioned the album in an interview is proof enough that he gives a shit. Otherwise, why open your mouth? And why would you write,

    “Reading the comments and reactions is crushing….”. Really? Crushing? You knew most of that shit you released was on some serious play for commercial exposure. You knew you were trying to move units!

    And if Lupe really does hold this opinion about the biz, where is it coming from? Because if you take away that loot (or lack of loot as you put it) your ass would be out promoting the hell out of ANY album that bore your name. It’s either that or work at Taco Bell! Let me guess which option you would choose…

    Lupe isn’t foolin’ anyone with this one. He definitely gives a damn.

    • The Analyzt

      I have to agree. This sounds a little like a publicity stunt. I just can’t see anyone going through the trouble of putting all that work in to make an album and then not care how well it does.
      ———————————————————– / /

  • 905

    I think Lupe is enough of a household name that if he were to go solo and release an album it would still do numbers just because of the fact that people are still checking for him.

    He still has a following, needs to appeal to them. I understand making a crossover definitely helps, but if thats the case try to limit the crossovers so the rest of the album can appeal to his fans that don’t want crossovers. All they have to do is press skip.


  • Gman

    Maybe He can do what he does, just on a more independent, basis or w/ a distribution deal with a major. Remember, he stills has a huge fanbase, tours yearly and has very good music appeal. idk. Just m.o.

  • No Name

    While the main goal is to enjoy making the music, I think the only reason he’s saying this is because it’s already been panned and almost half of his fanbase is through with him on account of it. Lupe tries to save face way too much.

  • nicholasdelorejo

    I can understand how some people can think that Lupe should go independent anddismiss his statement of not caring about success. But the thing is Lupe is nothing like Tech 9. Tech is completely underground in his music which is nothing wrong with that. Lupe is a hybrid of Pharrell, Kanye, and Mos Def in the sense that he can cater to the alternative/nerdy demograph, make hits with a deep conscious message. People may not remember this but Lupe has strong label support when he first came out. He has a Reebok endorsment, two noticeable singles, late night television performances. I think now he’s frustrated because he’s done basically everything that I’m sure Drake and Nicki had done but with little success. Lupe knows that he can achieve mainstream success at least more so than artists of his skill. But if you work your hardest and people who aren’t as bold as you are succeeding further past you then you’d stop caring about being true to yourself. Maybe that’s why LASERS has so much uninspired pop tracks.

  • alderman j

    Nigga like LUPE aint built for the INDIE ROUTE, he had to be forced by the LABEL to do these promotions, and he doesnt have a loyal street following, so if you arent willing to promote your OWN RECORD, and you dont have a LOYAL STREET/INTERNET following you cant go the indie route, the only way to make money the INDIE ROUTE is with SHOWS!! This nigga aint selling out a high school gym, REAL TALK!!! AND I FUCKS WITH LUPE, but not enough to buy an album or go to a show that he was HEADLINING!! im just saying.


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  • Nunya

    I’ve always thought LP should align with Rhymesayers. If you ask ‘Who is Rhymesayers?’; I say ‘Go fuck yourself.’

    This album ain’t at all what I was thinking it would be. It’s good, but not good for Lupe.