Lil Wayne to Retire at 35

Fans have about seven more years to hear Lil Wayne. The New Orleans bred rap superstar appeared on Hot 97 this afternoon, and during the interview with Angie Martinez, Weezy said he plans on retiring at 35.

Citing his intense work schedule, the Grammy-Award winning artist stated that although he will give it all up at such a young age, he’s dedicated all his time so far to his career. “That’s why retiring at 35, that’s a life lived, because this music thing is my life,” he said. “So retiring at 35 would be enough.”

“This is a solid plan, and I stick with my plans,” he added, saying that he wants to spend to be a father to his four kids once he leaves the rap game.

During the Q&A Wayne also said that he because he has been so busy working on his upcoming album, Tha Carter IV, (set for May 16), he surprisingly still hasn’t had a chance to hear his Young Money artists Nicki Minaj or Drake’s albums in full. “I’m always focused on something and it captures my whole attention,” he explained, “I can’t do nothing else. “

Asked if he feels any competition with his signees, he replied, “I want them to do way betrer than I do [actually]. I get paid for that,” he joked. “I just wish them the best.”

Lil Wayne will be at the Bryce Jordan Center in University Park, PA tomorrow with Nicki, Rick Ross and Travis Barker as part of his I Am Still Music Tour. —Elan Mancini

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  • fuckyall

    shit why wait till then do it now lame ass rapers

    • Omar

      YEA!! My niqqa..

    • T

      Word, Wayne is a shitty and overrated rapper and needs to stop NOW.

      • realspitter

        wayne>>>>rakim,krs one,……………biggie etc
        wayne is the true god emcee not rakim the WASHED UP,IRREVELANT,TALENTLESS PIECE OF TRASH I.E RAKIM

        WAYNE IS THE KING f@#k the haters.the game wil really miss u

      • Habib

        and who are you

  • HU

    His hype won’t last that long.

    I’ll admit to not getting through Drake’s and Minaj’s albums also. Shit got tiring quick. At least Wayne can recognize mediocre music.

  • Correction please

    Um…..could you fix all the errors in this post??? Who writing for yal freddyo or somethin???


    wayne is dope but drake and nikki suck

  • B

    Sounds like wayne going back on his words. “would i ever think of retiring…. i look at retiring like you retire out when you die out….. “

  • Jetsetter

    Don’t count on this! Just like most rappers, I doubt that will happen. He loves music way too much! He’ll be around as long as he can.

  • Corbin

    7 more years until he is ready to be a father to his kids, LMAO.
    why not wait a little longer wayne?

  • Tru Talk

    I think he will still make music after 35 but it will just be organically and slow and he won’t tour or do features anymore…..

  • Tone Gee

    Me and the bretheren understand this decision as they have watched me go through HELL with this music shit! Say what you want.,Wayne is ill! I am 39 and still producing these young bloodz in N.C. We can’t get enough of the lyrical expertise this dude exhibits! I tell and have told’em.,you have to live and breathe this shit as I do. They wouldn’t listen therefore they are in precarious positions as we speak. That nigga Wayne took the path seldom traveled by the multitude is what I am saying! He reminds me of myself at his age! If that is so. He will retire undisputed! P.S. Wayne. Who is Richey YC. I just wanna know.

    • Tha Ghost

      Reminds you of yourself? Man gtfo

  • The187Worm

    All these muthufuckas say they gona retire but never do…Waynes been retired in my book…never lsted to that fake ass blood….him and his whole YM “cliq”…fuckem all …they all should retire or be disposed of…same with Taylor Gang, Kanye, Gucci , Wacka…all them commercial muthufckas and lets get back to real rap/hiphop…….

    • Yes sir

      These “real/hiphop” rappers need to step their game up. It is not Wayne fault, they ain’t doing sh*T!!!

      • The187Worm

        no its youngbucks that listen to this uneducated sesame street rap…has nuttin to do with steppin game up…commercial rap is trash and always will be!…..

        • timsdarktwistedfantasy

          kanye’s last album was about as real as it gets, deeper than anything i’ve heard in hip-hop, commercial don’t mean bad, underground hip-hop’s dead, lil wayne’s got more energy alone than the entire scene does

    • Xkalibur269

      Actually, it’s because the underground artist don’t have fans that will buy their music, & those people do. Most rappers that are underground have enough fans to go platinum if they all bought their shit, but they don’t. Why it’s like that is beyond me, but that’s the problem in my eyes.

  • jtm

    fuckyall | March 29, 2011 5:25 pm
    shit why wait till then do it now lame ass rapers

    well said

  • Nyonyi nick

    Like i care if he retires.

  • FRED

    Can I edit these articles before they are posted??

  • Jay

    IF we really wanted to see Wayne retire, all we have to do is stop buying everything he puts out. An artist only survives cuz we help feed them by buying their products. So I am guessing he can still tour cuz that is the money-maker right there, staying on the road. And of course, if the Williams Brothers And Execs at Universal continue pimpin him, he ain’t retiring at no 35, that is for sure!

  • titans

    hell be back just like jay-z

  • 860

    He should just retire now for 2 reasons. 1 he fucking sucks and we wouldnt need to deal with him anymore. And 2 quit while hes ahead. Hes defiantly not gonna be able to last 7 more years at the top of the chart. Only a few MCs can last that long and Wayne is by no means on their level.

  • storm

    Can’t come quick enough lets just hope he doesn’t do a Jay-z and make a come back. Close the door behind you and dont call us we’ll call you ya lil smack head

  • asshole

    wayne is the shit, fuck all who diss on him.

  • TheChange

    Well there you have it ya’ll See Lil Wayne ain’t the Best now & Never was nor will be, cause he can’t keep consistency up. He quiting ohhhh so sad lets cry. I’m All about Lyrical rappers those with lyrics & shit to say & most of them still rocking it & they in their 30′s, Bye Weezy you’ll be missed.

  • W.mwko

    Yeah fuck o u haterz.u don wanna c wayne do dat shit.wats ya accomplishments coz u got nthn u wambl ur mouths ur shit…!!



  • That’sWhat’sUp

    I don’t know if I believe this.. there’s a few typos in the article so I’m doubting its credibility.

    • pcpro1000

      you are really dumb- search the web

  • millertime

    wow do only haters read this shit the world would be nothing without haters. if u hate him u hate him but dont get on here talking trash cuz yall aint do shit wit yall life.

  • http://twitter Imani

    actually wayne is a better rapper dhan all yall niqqasz sooo qo sit down

  • http://JANGO.COM WEEZYFAN10000

    Lil Waynee Iz Nd All Wayz Will Behh Dha Beztt Rappa Evnn Wen Hee Retire Soo All Yall PPlle Who Thnkk Hee Dha Worst Iz Wronqq Aite Yall Juztt Hatinn Ohnn Lil WAyne Lyke 4 Reelzz Doe Soo Imm Juzt Sayinn Dhizz Iz Mah Opinion Aite If Yhuu Dnt Agree Widd Meeh Den I Dnt Realli Caree Dhizz Iz Mahh Feelinqzz Not Yallzz!!

  • pcpro1000

    he is the best