XXL Presents Lil B’s Mixtape [Download Now]

XXLMag.com is proud to present Lil B’s new mixtape, Illusions of Grandeur, for free download tomorrow afternoon (March 11) at 3 p.m. EST. [Download here]

The tape features 13 new tracks from The Based God, including the 9th Wonder produced cut, “Based for Your Face,” featuring Phonte and Jean Grae, which leaked online yesterday.

XXL earned the priviledge of releasing the project after resident digital news editor Jesse Gissen beat The Pack MC in a friendly pushup contest at the 2011 Freshman photo shoot. [Watch here]

Peep the cover art and tracklisting for the mixtape below:

1. Illusions of Grandeur

2. Live From Da Hood

3. Angels Prayer

4. What It Feel Like

5. Who You Love

6. How I Feel

7. No Peace

8. No Pressure

9. Hood Changed

10. Illusions of Grandeur Remix

11. Based 4 Ya Face

12. Cocaine Killer

13. Baby Baby

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  • luis

    so he blantantly got the illuminati shit on the coat?

    • fdhs

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    • Laura

      WTF is this guy evil or sum? im dissapointed. wtf

    • jimmyjam

      yes becuase its called illusions of grandeur dont you get it.

    • curtis poole

      haha dats wat im sayin he goin all out wit dat shit

  • D.Rich


  • E2thatt

    [download here] link isnt workin WTF!

  • brian

    the download link just takes me to the homepage

  • Amp J

    @Luis, I think ya need to leave that Illuminati shit alone, cuz u clearly don’t know much of the “Eye of Osiris”. And that goes for the rest of you Illuminati dick-riding fools out here giving Power to it simply through your unimaginable ignorance. GO!

  • http://beautifullou.tumblr.com/ Beautiful Lou

    #10 Illusions of Grandeur Remix produced by BEAUTIFUL LOU!!!!!!!

    • mark wills

      yo lou i need that beat dude dats tha best beat i heard in my fucking life!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the real truth

    what the hell happened to the artwork here?!?!… this has to win the worst album cover in hip hop history.. wtf?

    hes looking more like a queen than a king.. im not commenting on his music.. i havent even heared it, so ill await to find more about that.. but seriously!… sack the designer!

    gayest thing ive seen since dre in the glitter on that eazy e album cover!

  • http://XXL Cash215

    I don’t usually leave comments on the net but damn “XXL” y’all really cosigning sum bullshit , Lil B wack as shit n is not worth mentioning fuck is the world coming to, stop cosigning every pussy with tattoos thinking they got swag, now a days any pussy can get on a mic talking dumb shit (I’m God) and (Like Jesus), but I know it’s all art right??? “Pussy”!!! Lil B I know if u can make a song saying u a bitch I know you would probably suck dick on camera to get noticed or be on Lol dickhead… Can’t believe it’s dickeaters out there that actually listen to this weirdo, but I know u guys r so special because ur different Lol… Pussy!!!

    • youngP

      swag* what a baby, repent, bring the basedgod myrrh, gold, and spices and ask to be enlightened *swag

  • bobby

    Why is this dude getting so much play?

    Illusions of Grandeur is some dumb ass shit.

  • 40Cal

    Fuck all ya haters who aint even listen to this. Lil b is the fucking man when it comes to this shit. I wish him all the best and he getting money while yall hate sitting at home. THANKYOUBASEDGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://Xxl Flybull

      Lil b garbage all day!!!! N I see people commenting not bcus of the controversy that he seeking but bcus he so wack u gotta comment, Lil B quit rapping u r seriously garbage not even in a u might b ok so mufakas hating on u way, no I mean trash corny way

      • flybullcrap

        hatin ass nigga right here, I don’t see your music anywhere, so shut up and stop talking mess behind a computer you loser.

  • urallgay

    lil b is swag yall some haters cuz you broke woop woop

  • HellaCake

    @Cash215 Your a lame faggot. You said you dont usually leave comments but you wrote a fucking essay on lil b and named some of his songs which means you pay attention to him. so whos winning nigga???

  • http://reverbnation.com/dyerroad nickhza

    @cash215 not only does XXL cosign him, but so does Jay Electronica, Mos Deff, 9th Wonder, Wiz Khalifa, I could keep going if you like? fucking idiot.





  • Nunya

    I’m gonna sit my ass down, listen to every track 3 times, and hopefully find a good reason why this is pushed on this website. Not sayin shit yet, gonna listen….be back.

  • The187Worm

    Lmfao XXL just keeps gettin worse and worse…..Garbage artists….most definatley thee most Horrid album cover ive ever seen….you need new employees and need a new direction…Fuck You XXL…….CROOKED I = G.O.A.T

  • Chyllmatic

    You know what .? Fuck all you hating ass niggas. This mixtape is ILL. “Baby Baby” is my shit. Lil B got talent and that’s why he’s a XXL freshman.

  • Nunya

    Word, well I wish I could have that time back. Here it goes, XXL you better read this; because I took the time to listen to this shit before I spoke on it:

    I really don’t know where the GodSon came from saying ‘Lil B has so many styles’, he doesn’t.

    He tends to…like; actually spit a nice line, then it’s like his mind goes blank for the next one, and he only says the end syllables that rhyme with the previous.

    He also tends stumble through lines; losing rhythm, and always going back to that ‘spoken word’ style his jack off fans claim he has. Every time I begin to nod my head, he either says something completely incomprehensible, or starts prattling off-rhythm shit, or just stops rapping and says end syllables.

    Sometimes though, it seems like it’s on purpose…

    He also tries to drop knowledge and confusing perspectives; but it’s all see through. That’s the problem. These tracks sound like one of the local rappers that troll XXL and post links in the comment section, for real.

    I think I’ve done my part in listening to ANGEL’S (not angle’s…lol) Exodus and this mixtape (and watching those shit bag videos where he don’t even rap along just looks around) before making my opinion.

    For whatever reason you chose him (and YG; wt mother f?) is beyond me and not a concern of mine…But I really feel you fucked over up and comers that do pull off what he tries to; but do it right.

    I can’t cosign this nigga for talent; I don’t understand it, won’t understand it; and will never try again to understand it. Shit is not good to me. If you’re coc’d out or fryin on acid I could see how his style would be perceived as ‘Great’.

    *What the fuck does ‘BASED’ mean anyway*

    • render

      your review is pretty much on point about his style…I think what he does is write out a cpl good lines for each song and he freestyles the rest and it ends up sounding…well like a lil b track…i’m pretty sure it sounds like it does on purpose and I think he could be an average (not great) bars-for-bars rapper if he tried but he’d probably lose whatever appeal he has with his fans if he did

      what you just said is pretty much why i’d never go around listening to lil b tracks outside of curiosity

      That said…I think the reason xxl put him on has more to do with his ability to use the internet like no rapper before in making a dedicated fanbase out of nothing while the majors struggle to keep the industry afloat using old strategies

      most his fanbase are ironic internet hipster types and half of its just a big in-joke with the “fuck my girlfriend” shit. i think alotta them don’t even actually enjoy his music but like pissing off rap purists who aint in on the joke over internet msg boards instead….

      but…. he’s also got real fans who keep up with his music and like his…uh…unique style. hes sellin out shows and what seperates him from the xxl comments local rappers is that they don’t know how to use the internet as well as he does

      • Nunya

        Very well replied. #kudos

        • $ykotic

          great read people…

          smh @ dude wearing lace & pearl necklaces though…

  • RMartinez505

    @Nunya –

    A very well educated and concise-but balanced post. Thanks for listening, now I don’t need to. I heard 15 seconds of All My Life and couldn’t do anymore. I agree 100 about the ‘flow’…and the thoughts on him and YG as freshmen.

  • ALLDAY!!

    Lol…He said “real complex rap” after his verse…lol…everyone except Lil B went in and WHY is he dressed up like a QUEEN on his mixtape cover?? and why would people call it hate when you ask WHY IS HE DRESSED UP LIKE A QUEEN???? This gay stuff is goin too far… Hip Hop used to be about grown men doing grown men things and talking about it.. Just becuase your comfortable being gay does not mean its cool and swag is natural either your born with it or your not..YOU CAN NOT BUY SWAGG OR TATOO IT!!! Swagg is what Biggie, Nas, and Snoop had…..

  • swag

    album cover is swag, songs are swag, based for your face swag swag swag 1000000 based god fuck my bitch

  • phella

    He Wack

  • morefa

    Payola strikes again fuck this bitch ass nigga and this fagot ass website

  • http://the-baum.blogspot.com The Baum

    Check out my music blog! New music, mixtapes, album reviews, commentary added daily!

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  • 20yearoldcincyboy

    actually he got a dot covering the pyramids eye which is in the middle,illuminati “conspiracies” revolve around the eye being at the top, so other than that the visuals of this cover which i think the cover is dope but the mixtape itself is nice, lil b always speaking the truth on his non-ignorant mixtapes,

  • jacob

    128kbps? sounds like shit. not that the original recording quality was probably great to start…

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  • mattyc


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